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The new fuel price approved by the Omani government for the month of July has angered the Omanis on the communication sites, who indicated that this burdens the citizen in light of the difficult living conditions, calling on Sultan Haitham bin Tariq to intervene.

According to the official Omani News Agency, the Sultanate of Oman will start tomorrow, Thursday, the adoption of fuel prices for the upcoming July 2021, “inclusive of value added tax.”

fuel price

Fuel prices for the month of July witnessed an increase compared to the previous months, as the price of gasoline reached 95 (237 Baizas / liter), and gasoline 91 (227 Baizas / liter).

While the price of diesel reached (247 Baizas/liter).

Fuel prices in the Sultanate during the month of June were as follows: (Gasoline 95: 227 Baizas/liter, Gasoline 91: 215 Baizas/liter, and Diesel: 234 Baizas/liter).

And via the hashtag (#Petroleum_pricing), Ali bin Saeed Al-Hajari said, denouncing the new prices: “If the price is based on the oil price of $75, then the price of a liter is supposed to be 225 baisa, not 237 baisa.”

He explained that “here is an increase of 12 baisa, and the price of 225 baisa, on the basis that the barrel has 159 liters and an addition of 12%.”

Meanwhile, activist Abdullah Al-Mokadam stressed that the fuel price represents an additional burden on the citizen, with the increase in electricity and water bills and the imposition of value-added tax.

All of that is according to him in light of the Corona pandemic and its economic effects, adding: “We therefore ask our government to restore support for these matters, even if partially.”

As for Abdul Rahman Al-Qatlouni, he published photos of an old statement dating back to 2016 to Al-Awfi Oil Agent, in which he says that the price will not exceed 40 baisas from the original price, which was 120 baisas.

Today, it reached 237 liters, which means an increase of 95%.

Today, the official price of Oman oil for August delivery reached $72.52.

Recording an increase of 0.52 cents compared to the price of the day before yesterday, Monday, which recorded 72 US dollars per barrel.

And one of the activists mocked, through the hashtag, by saying: “Everything goes up with us, except for salaries.”

While Badriya Al-Hadi called on the government to be gentle with the citizen and wrote: “Oh government, be kind to the citizen, the pressure of the Corona epidemic and its psychological effects of loss, injury and losses, pressure of the cost of living, taxes and fees.”

And she continued: “The electricity bill, which refuses to rise, but the mountains clash, the problems of layoffs and unemployment, the lack of motivation, official, do not compare the standard of living of the citizen with yours.”

It is noteworthy that global oil prices continued to rise, this morning, Wednesday, after the release of data from the American Petroleum Institute on the decline in reserves of this raw material in the United States, according to trading data.

The latest forecasts of “OPEC” regarding demand for its crude indicate that if production levels remain the same, the supply of the countries of the Organization will be less than the expected demand level by 1.5 million barrels per day in August.

The shortage will expand to 2.2 million barrels per day in the fourth quarter, according to “Reuters”.

The “OPEC +” group will meet tomorrow, Thursday, to discuss the supply plan for subsequent months, and with oil prices reaching their highest levels since 2018.

A worrying and dangerous rise in Corona numbers in the Sultanate of Oman

In another context, the Sultanate is currently recording an alarming rise in the number of Covid-19 infections, which has led to an increase in the number of inpatients in health institutions and inpatients in intensive care departments and a rise in deaths.

Statistical analyst Ibrahim bin Ahmed Al Maimani indicated that when analyzing the statistics for the current month of June, we note that this month was the highest in terms of new infections since the beginning of the pandemic in the Sultanate.

Where 51,321 new cases were recorded, compared to the highest total number of new cases previously recorded in July of last year.

As it reached 39,089 new cases, in contrast, 34,901 cases of recovery were recorded during this month, while the recovery rate decreased from 92 percent to 87.5 percent.

Al-Maimani said in a statement to the Oman News Agency that when analyzing the death index in June, we note that the number of deaths is still high, as the total deaths to date have reached 755, with an average of 25 deaths per day.

This is the highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic, as 344 deaths were previously recorded in April of this year, with an average of 11.5 deaths per day.

With regard to inpatients in hospitals, Al-Maimani stated that the number of inpatients in hospitals has doubled by 98 per cent.

At the end of last May, there were 808 cases, bringing the cases until the end of this month to 1597 cases, an increase of 789 cases.

He said that the intensive care cases also doubled, as their number reached at the beginning of the end of last May 247 cases, to reach at the end of this month 519 cases, an increase of 272 cases, at a rate of 110 percent.

He pointed out that an increase in the number of the deceased was observed during the last 24 hours, with a total of 3,597 cases recorded, as record numbers were recorded on the current June 27 with 214 cases, followed by June 22 with 209 cases, and then on June 23 with 203 cases.

worrying indicator

He said that this indicator is worrying, as it directly affects the sleeping cases in hospitals and from there to intensive care, given that the increase in these numbers constitutes a great burden on the Ministry of Health and the hospital’s absorptive capacity.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Saidi, Minister of Health of Oman, said in a previous statement that the health sector in the Sultanate has become “exhausted” and the current wave of the epidemic is “the worst and most persistent.”

The Ministry of Health continues a campaign to vaccinate the age group of 45 years and over and pregnant women, starting from the fourth month, with vaccines against the Corona virus in all governorates of the Sultanate within the national campaign for immunization against Covid 19.

Next Sunday, the Omani Ministry of Health will start immunizing a new target group against the Corona virus, to include the age group from 18 years and above.

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