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The news of the death of Intisar Al-Sharrah provokes the anger of her husband, and a Kuwaiti media figure reveals the details A nation is singing out of tune


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The Kuwaiti media, May Al-Eidan, denied the death of her fellow artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, after news spread about her deteriorating health.

Ansar Al-Sharrah’s health condition

And Mai Al-Aidan wrote in a tweet on her official account on “Twitter,” followed by “Watan,” in which she said: “I deny a sentence. And detailing the rumor of the death of the great artist Intissar Al-Sharrah.

May Al-Eidan explained the health condition of Intisar Al-Sharrah, saying: “The artist Intisar Al-Sharrah is still alive among us, may God heal her. He recovers and is receiving treatment in the intensive care unit at Al-Amiri Hospital, and the doctors there did not limit her right while she is responding to treatment due to blood bacteria. Today, the doctors pulled the excess water in her body.

And she continued: “God willing, her treatment will end, she will leave the intensive care unit and be cured. I pray that God will heal her and fast. With us, Ramadan, whoever said something to be, then it will be that the bones are covered, and they are leftovers.

Intisar al-Sharrah’s husband is angry

Al-Sharrah’s husband, Mazen Al-Tamimi, has previously confirmed that she is still in intensive care and has not been transferred to a hospital room. Still under observation.

In statements to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, Al-Tamimi said: “There is a large and disturbing circulation of rumors, from within. And outside Kuwait, about the health of the artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, which led to our tension and greatly inconvenienced us. ”

Intisar al-Sharrah’s husband demanded that they stop spreading rumors, adding: “Please silence rumors because we are in a deplorable state. I cannot respond to all the calls that have poured out on me since the morning.

Triumph Al-Sharrah in intensive care

Intisar was admitted a week ago to the intensive care unit at the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait, after her exposure. Because of a lack of oxygen and bacteria in the blood.

May Al-Aidan revealed this at the time, and asked her followers to pray for the artist Intisar Al-Sharrah.

Al-Eidan wrote in a tweet: “Your invitations to the great artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, where she lies in the intensive care of Al-Amiri Hospital. After exposure to a lack of oxygen and bacteria in the blood. Your prayers, good Prime Time Zone, so the judiciary will only pray. . Oh God, heal her, heal her, reward her, and return her to her family, children and lovers, in her full health.

Healthy casual months ago

And last November 2020 was exposed Kuwaiti actress Al-Sharrah, due to an accidental health accident, and as a result, she entered the intensive care room at the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait, due to complications from her injury, as a result of her undergoing surgery to eradicate ulcers in the intestine.

The artist suffers mainly from kidney problems, and suffers from pressure and diabetes, which affected her after the operation, and for this she was transferred to the intensive care room.

Rumors spread about the death of the artist, Al-Sharrah, after complications from the surgery that she performed to eradicate ulcers in the intestine.

At the time, her fellow Kuwaiti artist, Tariq Al-Ali, came out to definitely confirm that these news were just rumors.

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