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The news of the death of the Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban in Corona invades the sites … and Ashraf Zaki comments | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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News spread on the communication sites that the Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban died of his infection with the new Corona virus.


Ashraf Zaki, head of the Representative Professions Syndicate in Egypt, denied the news of the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban.

He stressed that what is being circulated is a rumor, and it has no basis in truth.

He pointed out that he is currently in the hospital to check on the health of the artist Youssef Shaban from the doctor treating him.

He said that the artist is still under care and cannot enter him, but he is reassuring about the doctors and those responsible for the case.

For her part, the artist, Nihal Anbar, denied the news circulating about the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban.

She confirmed that she communicates with the artist’s attending physician and monitors his condition continuously throughout the day.

Nihal Anbar indicated that Youssef Shaban does not need artificial respiration, especially since his oxygen level was not less than 94%.

She pointed out that Youssef Shaaban’s condition has been the same since he was admitted to intensive care.

Positive smear

It is noteworthy that Youssef Shaaban entered the intensive care room at Al-Ajoura Hospital, last Tuesday, after he was in a Dokki hospital, and he performed a corona swab to find out the stage of infection with the virus.

The artist also made the necessary tests for him, and he was given a protocol to treat the Corona virus, and his condition has stabilized somewhat and is receiving follow-up from a specialized medical team.

And previous crepes

The infection of the artist Youssef Shaaban with the Corona virus was not the first health problem he has been exposed to during the last 5 years.

In 2016, the artist Youssef Shaaban suffered from severe health problems due to his suffering from kidney problems, in addition to the presence of water on his lung.

He was transferred to the intensive care unit. To conduct some medical tests and note his health condition.

After his discharge from the hospital, the artist Youssef Shaaban was honored at the ceremony of the 64th Catholic Center Festival.

This was his first appearance after his discharge from the hospital, and he appeared during the festival with various features, where the disease affected him and caused a major change in his face.

Artist Youssef Shaaban also performed cardiac catheterization and stents at a cost of EGP 90,000, and he paid it personally.

He spent a 5-day convalescence at home, and the Representative Professions Syndicate did not intervene at any cost.

Youssef Shaaban was shown at the time, his latest artwork, the movie “Al-Mashkhasati 2” with the artist Tamer Abdel Moneim and Ahmed Abdel-Wareth, directed by Muhammad Abu Saif, and after that he announced his retirement from art.

After that, the artist Youssef Shaaban announced his retirement from art for a period of 3 years, but he withdrew from the matter after seeing a good scenario. He decided to return to art again on his impact, but the work bearing the name “Saifullah” was not filmed. It is taken from the late great writer Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad, and received several postponements during the last period.

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