The Nile Pioneers Initiative opens the door for applications for the programming and creative design support program


The Nile Pioneers Initiative, funded by the Central Bank, announced the opening of the application process for the first round of the pre-incubation program for university students, graduates and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in the field of programming, websites and creative design under the auspices of the Egyptian Export Development Bank.

Dr. Mohamed Abbas, Director of the Business Incubators Program at the Nile Entrepreneurs Initiative, said in a statement on Monday that the program aims to provide those with ideas and those wishing to establish their own projects with the final support and guidance they need in the first stage of building a startup, indicating that the duration of the program ranges from Between three to four months.

He added that during the first session of the pre-incubation program – for which applications are now available for a month – 10 ideas will be chosen to provide the full and necessary support for them, to turn into a tangible reality and the possibility of obtaining financial support of up to 80 thousand pounds, while helping to provide an environment. Suitable work that stimulates creativity, as the program provides intensive training opportunities through specialized experts.

He pointed out that the program aims to support industrial and innovative ideas that are characterized by innovative solutions to the various challenges that we face in our daily life, pointing out that the organization of this session came after studying the needs of the market and the entrepreneurial community, which confirmed the need of students and entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing their ideas for support from For conversion into viable prototypes or semi-finished products.

He added that the application is available in the pre-incubation program on the website of the Nile Pioneers Initiative or through its page on the social networking site.

He pointed out that after the end of the session and the pre-incubation stage, the possibility of providing support will be completed by joining them in other incubation sessions in the initiative to convert these prototypes into final products.

Abbas explained that this session is the first that the Egyptian Bank for Export Development supports in the field of pre-incubation, but it is not the first in which it supports entrepreneurs, as more than 40 innovators have already been supported to present their creative ideas in the fields of packaging to more than 14 industrial companies. In coordination with industrial partners such as the Packaging Room, the Industry Modernization Center and UNIDO.

The article Nile Pioneers Initiative opens the door for applications for the Programming and Creative Design Support program. It was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.