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The Saudi writer, Khaled Al-Zaatar, called on the Arab League to rearrange the issues of the Arab countries, considering that the Palestinian issue should be the last of the Arab League’s list of concerns.

Zaatar said, in a tweet monitored by Watan: “The League of Arab States needs to rearrange its list of central issues so that priority is given to the issue of Ahwaz and the issue of the Prime Time Zone of the South.”

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Zaatar added, in a new attack on the Palestinian cause, saying: “The Palestine issue is at the bottom of the list.”

In another tweet, Zaatar said: “Dear Palestinian, the Palestine issue is not one of the five pillars of Islam, so do not crack our heads with your cause.”

Zaatar added: “It is not our problem that your fathers and grandfathers sold their lands, so do not blame us and yourselves.”

Activists stand up to the Saudi writer

The statements of the Saudi writer, who is close to the regime, sparked widespread controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites, and they responded to his attacks on the Palestinian issue, which is the first and most important issue for the Palestinians.

Activist Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed commented on the Saudi writer’s tweets by saying: “The biggest problem with Twitter is that you cannot prevent dogs from barking on it.”

Another tweeter said: “In the beginning, you need to review yourself and your patriotism, because the possibility of the dirham affected you, and then we talk about major issues.”

While another said: “Palestine is the central issue of the Arabs. There is no Arabism without Palestine. We are not Red Indians. Today is Palestine and tomorrow is Egypt.”

A passerby’s account commented: “The Palestinian cause is greater than your level and too big for Prime Time Zone like you to talk about it, even if it is not a pillar of Islam.”

He added: “It is the boundary between the believer and the hypocrite, due to the presence of Jerusalem in the direction of which the master of creation, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, prayed for 16 months before receiving the honorable Kaaba, which your celibate made permissible with entertainment and parties.”

Another commented: “What kind of logic are you talking about? Yes, it is not one of the pillars of Islam, but it is one of the pillars of conscience, brotherhood and masculinity, and one of the pillars of a Muslim’s duty towards his Muslim brother, and a pillar of his mother’s conscience towards each other, a duty from a brother to his brother in religion, may God have mercy on those who said and protested to him and came to her aid.

Saudi Arabia and normalization with Israel

And earlier, the Hebrew newspaper, Haaretz, said that the occurrence of this progress in the steps of normalization in the wake of the recent confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians in general over Jerusalem, clearly indicates that this wave did not distract the Arab countries printing with Israel, like the UAE, from moving forward in this process. agreements.

The newspaper pointed out that the situation between Israel and the UAE is currently still in the honeymoon phase, however, the honeymoons do not last forever.

She added: “Already there have been signs of things that may deviate from the desired course for Israel, or at least have negative repercussions on the relationship with these countries.”

According to the newspaper, the most prominent problem at the beginning of the recent confrontations centered on the Israeli escalation in Jerusalem.

She continued: “The situation has flared up mainly as a result of Israeli efforts to displace Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, where they have lived since their arrival in the Arab neighborhood as refugees in 1948.”

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The newspaper pointed out that things became more difficult for the UAE, Bahrain and even those Arab countries that were considering normalization with Israel, such as Saudi Arabia, when the heavily armed Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and mobile phone footage came of the unprecedented Israeli attack with tear gas bombs and sound bombs inside the mosque. To cause great embarrassment to the Emirates and Bahrain.

According to the article, both countries were subsequently forced to issue harsher statements than they would surely like, denouncing Israeli violence and calling for the protection of the sanctity of holy sites. Here, Islamic sensitivities with regard to Al-Aqsa Mosque emerge, and careful attention should be paid to its ability to change the diplomatic position of these countries.

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