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The preacher Abu Street Al-Qahtani takes off his cloak of religion with a “sexy” dance compass! | A nation is singing out of tune


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The Saudi preacher, Abu Al-Qahtani Street, led the trend on Twitter, in Saudi Arabia, after performing a dance link to the songs of songs that he previously prohibited.

“Abu Sad Street”

In the circulating video that “Watan” watched, Abu Street Al-Qahtani appeared, completely changing his haircut and appearance, and dancing. On the song “Sad” by Emirati singer Ahlam.

Abu Street used to repeat the song’s lyrics with Ahlam, and commented, “Abu Street is sad today.”

Abu Street’s video caused a shock among the activists, who launched a hashtag bearing his name, accusing him of exploitation. Religion is for the sake of fame, so one of them wrote: “All those who left the channel, starting with the likes of Abu Street, hypocrites, assuming the roles of religion for the sake of fame, and if they became famous, they would appear as they are. # Abu_Street“.

Tweeters interact

Another demanded not to be distracted by Abu Street, and wrote: “Say: Praise be to God, who has cured us of what He has tested Him, and He has preferred us over many of those who are. Create a preference for what one knows the conditions of the Prime Time Zone, so do not be satisfied with the goodness of God.

Another defended Abu Street and wrote: “Abu Shari’a Muslim is like any other Muslim who trespasses and hits, and Ibn Masoud said. (Whoever is an adult, let him look after the one who has died, for the neighborhood cannot be assured of sedition), as he was a former preacher without knowledge, like many others. From those who previously reached the podium and Prime Time Zone began to negotiate his discourse and advice.

An activist in the name of Maher Al-Harbi agreed, and wrote: “Unless he shed blood, did not steal money, and did not defer an accident, then he has the right to change. His convictions and ideas, and no one has the right to bullying, bullying and ridicule, for he is a human being with the passage of time, ideas and convictions change. Stop your tongues for him. ”

Another accused him of the disease of fame, and wrote: “Fame patients in every shape and color are the same as the one who divorced his wife for the sake of fame. A virgin returns with two tears and claims that he has repented and Prime Time Zone will not give charity. In general, those who make his example are Abu Street and Abu Zukum. And Abu Jalambo deserves these surprises # Abu_Street“.

Another pointed out to a more dangerous phenomenon, and wrote: “The problem is not religiosity – God forbid – but about the ease of conduct and its appearance. For example, a person who is denial or notorious cannot pretend to be science, engineering, medicine, or wealth, because he will be exposed immediately. But he can pretend to be piety and righteousness in his form and exhortation, and Prime Time Zone are led by their emotions. ”

Abu Street Al-Qahtani (35 years old) is one of the social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia, and he provides religious advice. For his followers, before surprising them, he changed his appearance, cut his hair and wore casual youth clothes, and he was born in and lives in Riyadh.

Who is Abu Street

Abu Street Al-Qahtani achieved a high rate of views through the published videos, as he is watched by the most famous celebrities. In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and most of the Arab and Gulf countries after it issued search engines and Twitter.

Abu Al-Qahtani Street, with great popularity and high credibility, he was born Riyadh And a resident there, as reported. He is 35 years old, and during the past hours, the famous search engines have recorded details about the life of Abu Street Al-Qahtani.

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