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The President of Ukraine makes a strange offer to help Qatar in the 2022 World Cup | A nation is singing out of tune


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The Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, made statements in which he expressed his country’s readiness to provide assistance in organizing a tournament. World Cup 2022. To be held in Qatar, a large wave of ridicule.

Technical and security aspects

The press service of the Ukrainian president issued a statement outlining Zelensky’s proposal. “Ukraine can help,” she said. In implementing the technical aspects and security issues ”.

Ukrainian companies are also interested in participating and implementing various infrastructure projects for the World Championships in Qatar.

He explained that Kiev hosted the European Football Championship in 2012, and the final match of the UEFA Champions League between club teams in 2019.

A wave of ridicule

However, this announcement faced a wave of ridicule on the communication sites, especially because of the similarity of Zelensky’s intentions with the statements of former head of state Viktor Yanukovych.

Whereas, in 2012, after the European Football Championship, Jankovi? Offered to help the UAE organize a tournament.

A number of activists ridiculed the communication sites, describing Zelensky’s offer, as its end will be similar to the former president in 2014, commenting, “It is time to go to Rostov.”

Earlier, the deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament from the opposition party, Rinat Kuzmin, accused Zelensky of that the head of state was seeking to please the West at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians.

He explained that the Ukrainian leader is seizing power in the state in order to quickly fulfill the desires of Western capital.

French Parliament

Earlier, deputies in the French parliament stressed the importance of organizing the Doha 2022 World Cup, which will be held for the first time in history in the Middle East and in a Muslim country.

They emphasized that the event should be considered a defining moment in the history of the region.

In a message circulated to the media, French politicians emphasized that Qatar, within twenty years, had become the main organizer of the largest sporting events and cultural events in the world.

And they said: “Qatar aims in the end to hold the Olympic Games, within these two decades, and under the gaze and weight of Western countries that are holding it accountable. Or campaigns against it. Doha launched. It brings about more human rights reforms. ”

The French MPs revealed that this year was marked once again by Doha’s announcement of organizing the first parliamentary elections in the country’s history.

But also by drafting labor legislation that is not found anywhere in the entire Gulf region.

Efforts of the Qatari authorities

French politicians praised the efforts of the Qatari authorities to abandon the sponsorship system, despite the fact that preparing for the World Cup required the use of specialized migrant workers for a period of ten years.

The fact that these are exceptional projects, and the timing of the event prompted the country to strictly adhere to deadlines for completing the infrastructure.

The statement continued, however, with the support of the International Labor Organization, which now has an office in Doha and works with the government. Reforms were made, “sponsorship” was abandoned, and workers’ protection, aid and economic support services were implemented in times of pandemic outbreak.

The French statement acknowledged that what has been achieved is a good start, especially since during the past decade, the death rate has decreased. Thanks to health programs in the continuous development and remarkable improvement in working conditions, and became Qatari laws. Presidents who break these rules are now being penalized.

The source also praised the important step taken by Doha to set a minimum wage, with which working conditions are now conditional. The outside temperatures are rising very quickly in Qatar. The state now guarantees that it penalizes any abuse committed by employers.

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