The price of aluminum is down, and is recorded at 2,220.5 dollars per ton on the London Stock Exchange


A ton of aluminum on the London Stock Exchange fell to 2,220.5 dollars per ton on March 30, from 2,255.5 dollars on March 29.
On Tuesday, the European Union announced tariffs on aluminum products imported from China after an investigation showed they were being sold at unfairly low prices.
The European Commission, which oversees trade policy of the 27-nation European Union, has set anti-dumping fees ranging from 21.2% to 31.2% for Chinese producers to extract aluminum in the form of rods, profiles or tubes.
The European Commission opened an investigation in February 2020 into widely used products in transportation, construction and electronics, after a complaint from the European Aluminum Industry Association.

The article, the price of aluminum, retreating to $ 2,220.5 per ton, on the London Stock Exchange was written in the Stock Exchange newspaper.