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One of the commercial pages surprised its followers by revealing the price of the dress of the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, which she wore a few days ago and reviewed her femininity during it.

Haifa Wehbe’s dress is within reach of girls

Haifa Wehbe’s fashion page revealed that the narrow red dress, blatantly bare back, with side slits revealing her legs, its price does not exceed 34 US dollars, and it is from the shein brand.

This surprised the girls, who thought they could not get a similar dress, before they found out that it was affordable.

The page also indicated that the tiger scarf, which Haifa completed her look with, was designed by the Italian (Roberto Cavalli).

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As for the Haifa bag, it is from Christian Dior fashion house, the shoes are from aquazzura, and the jewelry is from the French international company Cartier.

The audience described the dress naked, and asked (where is the dress in the first place), likening it to a nightgown, and confirmed that this is normal for the Lebanese artist.

sexy black

Haifa Wehbe underwent a new photo session, in a sexy black dress.

The Lebanese artist published the photos through her official account on the Instagram website, and commented: (Fatal), and in another comment, she said: (She wears a black accessory with the most colorful mind).

Zainab Fayyad clones her mother

Recently, the audience noticed that Zainab Fayyad, Haifa Wehbe’s daughter, imitated her mother after each photo session of the latter.

Zainab Fayyad wore clothes similar to her mother in terms of color, at least, and as soon as Haifa published her photos in the red dress, her daughter published her photos in a classic red shirt and pants as well.

Haifa had previously published pictures of her in a very short orange dress, which greatly exposed her legs and parts of her chest in a look that activists described as scandalous.

Zainab immediately posted her photos in a differently designed and more modest orange dress.

Zainab Fayyad also wore a copy of her mother’s dress (Tiger), which exposed her to an attack by followers who demanded that she create her own identity away from her mother’s tradition.

While others saw that Zainab was trying to take revenge on her mother in this way.

In another context, Haifa Wehbe participated in the celebration of the 69th birthday of the Egyptian media, Hala Sarhan, among a large number of art stars a few days ago.

The artist, Abeer Sabry, and the media, Bossi Shalaby, published clips of the ceremony held by Hala Sarhan, during which Haifa appeared with a white short short, while the stars were dancing on her song (Tota).

Among the most prominent attendees were the director Enas Al-Deghaidi, the artist Hani Ramzy and the artist Ilham Shaheen.

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Haifa Wehbe looks younger!

What caught the public’s attention is that Haifa Wehbe looks younger among the stars, despite their actual age.

While others criticized Haifa’s appearance in this bold and young appearance, referring to plastic surgery.

And the comments stated: (Haifa is almost the same age as Hala and Elham Shaheen Shufu, but the difference is between them, old Prime Time Zone only).

Another wrote: (Haifa is like a wax statue from operations, her movement is very slow, and her face has the same expressions that do not change).

Another agreed with him and wrote: (He is the old man of Egypt, all of them are here with Al-Tant Bossi and Al-Tita Haifa!?).

Another directed his words to Haifa, criticizing her clothes in an indirect way: (Oh, my artist, I wore the chemise and forgot the pants).

Haifa Wehbe Hot Shorn

The captain of the musical professions in Egypt, Hani Shaker, commented on the clothes of the Lebanese star, Haifa Wehbe, especially that she wore “hot shorts” during her last concert in Egypt, and some found it inappropriate and inappropriate.

Hani Shaker said that a meeting will be held with the Syndicate Council to discuss all violations in the parties, and there will be a response to all of them.

Haifa Wehbe raised the controversy again 4 years after the crisis of her appearance at the ceremony held at the American University, where she appeared again after the ceremony she performed last Thursday in New Alamein wearing hot shorts.

A source on Egyptian TV confirmed: “Haifa Wehbe appeared during the ceremony with shorts, but during the television interview, it seems that the director forced her to wear trousers because it was forbidden to look at the viewers on Egyptian television wearing hot shorts, which made her go to her room to wear trousers.”

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