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The President of the Egyptian regime, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, presented the army with a strange proposal, during his speech at the opening of the country’s development projects.

Al-Sisi submitted a proposal to Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, the Urban Communities Authority, and the army leadership regarding the supervision of the armed forces on the development of poor Egyptian villages.

In his “strange” suggestion, which contradicts the work of the executive bodies and ignores the role of localities in managing Egyptian villages, Sisi said: “I am suggesting that in every village there should be an officer responsible for it, and we will see who will do a nice thing, and do not be upset, Doctor Mustafa, the interest is the same.”

Sisi’s messages to farmers

On the other hand, Sisi said that the state must help, directing his message to the Egyptians from the countryside that more than one floor should be built in the country house instead of just one floor.

He said: “We need your help and support in developing the project and your village is first, instead of giving us two stoves, two refrigerators, and fifty abayas. There are other things that are more important, and no one says I don’t have money. Children in villages have the right to live a dignified life.”

He added: “Please help us, and I am talking to the Prime Time Zone here, so that we can conclude, and the idea that the house will be three and four floors, we have half a million houses in the first stage. We have 150,000 homes, and we want to adopt something that has nothing to do with sewage, gas and electricity.”

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He continued: “Whoever does this is a human right? Aiwa .. and civil society organizations are supported, it is not the right of Prime Time Zone to live in dignity, and he does not suffer from everything. We have more than 40,000 associations, and the state has made a mechanism for one party to act, because I have many details and there will be a fund, Long Live Egypt.”

Inspect vehicles and equipment

Egyptian media said that during Sisi’s inspection of equipment, vehicles and engineering machinery for the state authorities that contributed to the development of Egypt’s villages with the initiative of a decent life, he indicated his desire to complete the project in only three years, to develop about 1,500 villages.

He addressed the Egyptians during the follow-up to the preparations for the Good Life initiative and the celebration of the anniversary of the June 30 demonstrations, saying: “If for many years we had paid attention and built houses in the desert hinterland and preserved the available agricultural lands in the countryside, I imagine that we would have preserved about 2 million acres or more. More than that, there are cities that have risen above agricultural lands, but you are losing a dear land that we need, and the country is not adopted with wishes and words, enough for this is the amount of land that Egypt lost.”

Muscular dystrophy treatment

On the other hand, Al-Sisi said, while talking about muscular dystrophy: “This is a topic that includes methods for early detection of this disease in the first months of a child’s birth. If we knew that, why would the treatment amount to 3 million dollars per child.”

He added, according to what was reported by Egyptian media: “It is possible that there will be treatment and the state bears this.. With the request of everyone who has a heart and civil society organizations, we made an agreement and things are livestock and children who can be treated, but the best treatment is until a year from the birth of the child, because after that things are It is difficult.. Postpartum testing and examination, as we did in hearing and cochlear implants to obtain the best result.”

Commenting on Sisi’s statements, opposition journalist Abdel Moneim Mahmoud said: “An officer in every village without localities, without local councils, and local elections that have been disrupted for years without heartache…and Dr. Mustafa is not upset.”

Alleged revolution celebrations

Al-Sisi’s conference, Wednesday, comes in the atmosphere of the authority’s celebration of what it says is the June 30 revolution, at a time when the banking and economic sector is suffering a major crisis, as official data revealed that Egypt’s current balance deficit increased by 82% to $13.3 billion in months. The first nine of the current fiscal year, from $7.3 billion in the corresponding period of the last fiscal year.

The Central Bank of Egypt attributed the widening of the trade balance deficit to the decline in tourism revenues by 68% during the same period, to $3.1 billion, from $9.6 billion.

Contributing to the rise in the trade deficit was also a decrease in net foreign direct investment flows by 19.3% on an annual basis, to $4.8 billion from about $5.93 billion, according to a Central Bank report.

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