The Prime Minister: The opening of the medicine city will bring about a quantum leap in the Egyptian health sector


Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly said today, Thursday, that the opening of the Egyptian Medicines City will bring about a qualitative leap in the health sector, and its impact on the Egyptian citizen will be evident.

Madbouly added – in a speech before President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during his inauguration of the city of medicine in the city of Khanka in Qalyubia Governorate, that the city is a giant edifice by all standards, and that this project came within the framework of an integrated vision for the Egyptian state to pay attention to and achieve a qualitative leap in the health sector.

Madbouly emphasized that the aim of the project is to provide the best medical services to the citizen through an integrated system that President El-Sisi started 4 years ago through the launch of several initiatives that are considered among the most important initiatives in the world.

Madbouly explained that these initiatives are represented by the 100 Million Health Initiative, the Women’s Health Initiative, and the Health of Our Children in Schools. As well as eliminating waiting lists by performing surgeries for Egyptians, as those operations exceeded more than 750,000 operations.

The Prime Minister also referred to the comprehensive health insurance project launched by President Al-Sisi, and what has been accomplished within the first 5 governorates within the first phase of the project.

On the health initiatives launched in the Egyptian countryside, Madbouly said that the Decent Life initiative will develop the entire system of health units, medical centers and hospitals in the Egyptian countryside to provide good service to more than 58 million citizens.

Madbouly indicated that the city of medicine will be the other face of the health system.

Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly affirmed that whenever the state has a good infrastructure in the field of health, it will be able to provide all health services, and its economy will recover in a very large way, noting that the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry is today at the top of the government agenda in all countries of the world.

He added that securing the provision of strategic stocks and achieving self-sufficiency in medical supplies and medicines has become a national security issue that occupies all governments of the countries of the world, adding that in light of the Corona pandemic, many industries have declined, and trade has decreased by more than 14 to 15% at the same time that it increased. Worldwide exports and imports of the pharmaceutical and medical supplies sector by more than 16%.

Madbouly emphasized that the Egyptian state was moving from the first moment to confront this pandemic within the framework of an integrated system of 7 main axes, and preventive measures were taken to preserve the citizen’s health, as well as media awareness to counter rumors on this issue, in addition to the state’s focus on strengthening the infrastructure. Medical Center to reduce the repercussions by providing a set of financing and spending packages on the health sector, and providing more than 11 billion pounds in additional support during the past year to confront this unprecedented pandemic.

He added that the president launched a package to support the Egyptian economy worth 100 billion pounds, in addition to a set of financing packages and development plans from development partners. As well as the interest in returning our children abroad to Egypt in the context of exceptional circumstances, whose numbers exceeded 320,000 citizens.

He pointed out that Egypt is one of the first countries that took very quick and immediate measures to deal with the Corona pandemic, which enabled the Egyptian state to be one of the countries least affected by this pandemic.

Madbouly reviewed the dates when countries began dealing with the pandemic, explaining that Egypt began from March 2020, which is before the first case appeared in Egypt, the government had begun to take measures, and we expected pressure on medical supplies and raw materials, so the state took some precautionary measures, when preventing the export of Some strategic products and materials, in order to secure our needs at home, which enabled us in a good way not to be affected greatly.

Regarding the report of Johns Hopkins University of America, Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly said that it is one of the most famous universities in the medical field, and in its latest report it indicated that Egypt is one of the lowest numbers of injuries in relation to the number of Prime Time Zone in the world.

Madbouly added that every country was striving to deal with the Corona pandemic, but Egypt had a vision as a country to secure the strategic stockpile of medicines and medical supplies, and today we have insurance for most or all of the medical supplies and medicines between two months to 3 years.

He stressed that there is a directive from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to increase the two-month portion to at least 6 months, so that we have complete safety from any surprise measures, indicating that Egypt has already manufactured all the requirements for dealing with the Coronavirus, except for one product, but We’re going to manufacture it locally.

On the issue of oxygen, the Prime Minister said, “We dealt with an important issue, which is the issue of oxygen and its provision, for entering into the treatment protocol during the second wave of the pandemic, and today we have fully secured precautions, as we have 2 million liters in reserve, in addition to 100% full savings for hospitals. Every day, we are working to raise them to 3 million liters.

Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly said that with regard to the “fax” serum and the vaccine, he explained that the government had contracted with one of the bodies affiliated with the World Health Organization to supply 40 million doses, indicating that after the arrival of a shipment yesterday evening, we now have 1.6 million doses available, in addition to Another 400,000 doses are scheduled to arrive in two days, so that 2 million doses are available.

Madbouly indicated that the vaccination has already started to be given to the first groups, who are members of medical teams and Prime Time Zone with chronic diseases, pointing out that, based on the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Crisis Committee and the Council of Ministers decided that expansion will take place with the availability of the vaccine, and that the space will be opened to all sectors. .

He explained that there is a website where citizens can register, indicating that the number of applicants has reached 600,000, and that according to the study prepared by the Minister of Health, the vaccine will be given to this number during the next 10 days, and the vaccine will be available in all vaccination centers 139 centers nationwide And targeting sectors of great economic importance and as a result of friction with the masses, such as banking, industry, tourism and education sectors.

Madbouly said, that the state anticipated the importance of developing the medicine and medical supplies sector, which enabled the state to be on firm ground when the Corona pandemic began.

He explained that within the framework of the directives of the political leadership, and within the framework of (Egypt 2030) vision, the trend was to establish two important arms for the state that would be able to manage and govern the system of producing medicines and medical supplies and providing them to the whole republic (the Unified Procurement Authority and the Egyptian Drug Authority).

He explained that the Single Purchase Authority is responsible for securing the process of purchasing medicines and medical supplies at the best level and quality, and at the same time at the lowest possible price, indicating that this authority has saved tens of billions for Egypt.

On the Egyptian Drug Authority, he explained that it provides speedy registration of products, verification and quality control of products and their safety, whether preparations or medical supplies.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly added that the state is now working at full speed on 3 main axes to develop this system for the medicine industry, and to develop the logistics system for the health sector represented by the strategic stores project, which is implemented by the state, and finally the big project that will transfer Egypt a qualitative leap in the medicine industry, a project Plasma derivatives assembly and manufacture.

On the size of the Egyptian market in the pharmaceutical industry, Madbouly explained that during the past three years the volume of the Egyptian market was 96 billion pounds, while today it reached 125 billion pounds, indicating that this amount is (90 billion the private sector, and 35 billion for state institutions and companies), He pointed to the strong role played by the private sector.

Madbouly pointed out that the percentage of local manufacturing for the special needs of Egypt has reached 88% today, indicating that the remaining 12% that are imported are for highly complex medicines, and the state aims to produce them to achieve self-sufficiency.

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly said that there are 152 pharmaceutical factories nationwide in addition to 40 factories under construction, and more than 700 production lines in this complete system.

Madbouly added that for oncology preparations and immunosuppressants, there was only one production line, indicating that another line would be completed during the next few months to double production, and with regard to biological preparations, there was one production line as well, and there are 4 projects that are currently being completed. .

The Prime Minister pointed out that with regard to modern antibiotics, there is a severe expansion, as 3 new production lines have already been established and operated, and with regard to chest sprays and insulin for diabetics, Madbouly said that the government is moving towards the localization of this industry in Egypt, so that the state does not need to import from the outside.

Madbouly noted that with the opening of this project, a medical city built at the highest level will be added, and it will be a global center by all standards, from which the state aims to achieve self-sufficiency and also the ability to export during the next phase.

In the field of developing the logistical system through the implementation of strategic stores, the Prime Minister explained that there was a real problem, which was the availability of medicines and supplies, but their existence in a centralized manner, and to facilitate the immediate presence of these supplies throughout the republic, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi directed the establishment of a group of strategic stores that would be managed At the highest level and highest technology and without human intervention, indicating that these warehouses will be able to distribute all supplies and reach all medicines to all parts of the republic in all governorates as soon as possible.

He added that the goal is to have strict management and governance of medical products, and to know the available balance of medicines, every necessity and every medical device, what is the volume of production from it, where it is produced, and the amount of reserves, pointing out that the cost of this project is 4 billion pounds.

He pointed out that 6 strategic warehouses with a capacity or capacity of 190 thousand pallets will be established, including a strategic store in Greater Cairo and another group distributed so that there will be access to all parts of the republic.

The Prime Minister noted the importance of the plasma derivatives project, explaining that very few countries in the world have this infrastructure, and there is a national security trend to secure accurate and highly complex medicines.

He pointed out that the plasma derivatives contribute to the treatment of many diseases, including: liver failure, tumors, critical care, immunity and leukemia, all of which are drugs imported by the state, and he said that entering the state in this important field once again secures this type of advanced medicine.

He pointed out that President El-Sisi directed that Egypt have at the end of 2022 the first integrated factory for this topic, and the administrative capital was chosen to establish this factory where the implementation work has already begun, and at the same time there are 40 plasma collection centers nationwide that they will be ready, in addition to a plan. Another after 2022 to increase these centers.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the House of Representatives recently approved the law and legislation for this large project, and the establishment of the company for managing this important project has been completed, which will be a qualitative leap for Egypt during the next phase.

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The article The Prime Minister: The opening of the Medicines City will bring about a quantum leap in the Egyptian health sector. It was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.