The Prime Minister: The President was tasked with drafting a national strategy for generating green hydrogen


Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting today to discuss the country’s strategy in the file of green hydrogen as an energy source.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Muhammad Shaker Al-Marqabi, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Dr. Magdy Galal, Chairman of the Holding Company for Gases, and Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud, Vice President of EGAS.

The Prime Minister affirmed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is mandated to formulate a national strategy for generating green hydrogen, which is a governing framework for all efforts made in this regard.

He pointed out that this approach is in line with the state’s plans to expand the use of clean and renewable energy, in order to save fuel, reduce emissions, protect the environment and provide safe energy sources.

During the meeting, they discussed the promising opportunities available to Egypt, which qualify it to become an energy center in the eastern Mediterranean, and one of the largest sources of green energy, for the use of the local market and export, in addition to directing national scientific research efforts to study the possibility of localizing industries related to “green hydrogen” fuel in Egypt. .

It was emphasized during the meeting that there are promising opportunities to export hydrogen from the Middle East and North Africa region, given the geographical location of the region close to the European Union, and there are promising opportunities for Egypt to engage in the green hydrogen production market, supported by internal elements of the availability of renewable energy sources, And large areas of land to establish associated projects, its proximity to major consumer markets such as the European Union, as well as the availability of political will, thus enhancing its position on the global renewable energy map and its role as a regional center for energy circulation.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministries of Electricity and Petroleum in cooperation with the concerned authorities to speed up the drafting of a paper on the elements of the national strategy for green hydrogen, so that it would be a basis and a reference for negotiation processes with international companies in this field.

Article The Prime Minister: A mandate by the President to formulate a national strategy for green hydrogen generation has been written in Al Borsa newspaper.