“The Prime Time Zone die and the king lives.” This is how Mohamed ElBaradei described the tragic situation in Lebanon | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The prominent Egyptian politician and former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, commented on the tragic situation in Lebanon, which was made worse by the deepening dispute between Michel Aoun and Saad Hariri, and the latter’s apology today, Thursday, for forming the new government.

Saad Hariri had said, after his meeting with Aoun, today, to journalists, that the latter asked for “amendments” to the government formula that he proposed to him, and he was quoted as saying, “We will not be able to agree,” adding that “that is why I offered my apologies for forming the government and may God help the country.”

Mohamed ElBaradei and Hariri’s apology

For his part, Mohamed ElBaradei published these statements on his official Twitter page, commenting as follows: “When the pillar of sectarian coexistence is sectarian and not citizenship or human values, the Prime Time Zone die and the king lives.”

Many of ElBaradei’s followers interacted with his tweet, and one of the activists responded to him by saying: “What is happening in Lebanon?!!! What we are now is the price of Arab silence for the past five decades.. Warm regards, Bob!

While a Lebanese activist wrote sarcastically: “The Prime Time Zone will die, and the king will die in return.”

“Unfortunately, this is what is happening in Lebanon,” said Mohamed Zayan.

ElBaradei calls for saving Lebanon

Al-Baradei had previously expressed, in early July, his pain due to the imminent “collapse” of Lebanon, calling for rapid intervention to save the situation in this country.

ElBaradei wrote on his official Twitter page at the time: “It hurts to see a precious part of our country collapse while we are on the sidelines. I hope that the Arab countries will move to save Lebanon from themselves,” he said.

And the former Egyptian vice president added, “An Arab summit in Beirut to “reconcile” the warring powers? Humanitarian aid directly to the Prime Time Zone? I don’t know exactly what can be done, but I am sure there is a lot that can be done if we want,” as he put it.

Saad Hariri apologizes for forming the government

Today, Thursday, the designated Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, apologized for forming the Lebanese government, after his meeting with President Michel Aoun.

During a press conference after meeting Aoun, Hariri said in a brief speech that he did not reach an agreement with the president, saying: “It is clear that we will not be able to reach an agreement.”

He added, “May God help the country.”

Hariri said, after his meeting with the Lebanese president at Baabda Palace: “During my conversation with the president, there were amendments he requested, which I considered fundamental changes in the squad.”

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He added: “We also discussed matters related to trust, naming others, Christians, and others. It is clear that the situation has not changed, and it is clear that we will not agree with His Excellency the President.

Hariri affirmed: “I asked the Lebanese president to have more time to think, but he said that we would not be able to reach an agreement, so I apologized for forming the government.”

He concluded his brief speech in front of the media with the phrase, “God helps the country.”

He then confirmed that the discussion will be at length later on the subject.

Hariri had presented a government formation of 24 ministers, on Wednesday, and said that he was waiting for an answer from the Lebanese president by Thursday.

Lebanon collapse

Hariri added, on Wednesday: “I presented to President Aoun a government of 24 ministers of specialists, according to the French initiative and according to the initiative of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and for me this government is able to take over the country and start working to stop the collapse.”

Earlier on Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun received a joint letter from the foreign ministers of the United States and France, regarding the Lebanese situation.

And that was before his response to the cabinet formation presented to him by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

Michel Aoun stressed that the content of the letter is “Washington and Paris’ interest in the Lebanese situation, and the need to form a new government.”

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