The Public Prosecution reveals new surprises about the killer of Farah Hamza, who shook Kuwait! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Public Prosecution in Kuwait is still continuing its investigations into the killing of Farah Hamzah Akbar, whose case was known in the media as the “Sabah Al-Salem crime” that shook the country a few days ago.

Charging premeditated murder and kidnapping

The prosecutor charged the accused with premeditated murder and coerced kidnapping, who continued to deny the premeditated murder charge, claiming that the victim took a knife from the stairs of her vehicle and stabbed herself with it.
The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, quoted a security source as saying that the crime tool, the knife used to stab the victim, has not yet been seized.

The source indicated that the detectives are making efforts to keep her safe by interrogating the perpetrator again after he was instructed about two different places where he claimed to have thrown her.

The killer is an unbroken military

Prosecutor’s investigations also revealed that the killer was called Fahd Subhi Muhyiddin, who is 30 years old, and he had little knowledge of the traitor, Farah Hamzah Akbar, and the relationship ended, before she was harassed by him and reached the point of submitting a complaint against him to the Public Prosecution which ruled out his attempt to kill the complainant .

The sources pointed out that the killer is a military man who is not dismissed from his work, and that he used his military job to extract the victim’s data through the plate numbers of its vehicle. He also installed a GPS tracking device on its vehicle, and was aware of all its movements.

The killer attempted suicide in custody

Abu Talal Al-Hamrani, a Kuwaiti journalist and a specialist in the world of criminology, has previously revealed new details about the murderer of Farah Hamza.

Al-Hamrani said in a tweet on “Twitter” that the killer “Fahd” tried to commit suicide in the stone several months ago after he hanged himself with his belt, after he was accused of kidnapping for the first time.

Al-Hamrani indicated that the killer was rescued by the security men, and after that he began to cry and explained to them the reasons that led him to attempt suicide.

The Kuwaiti journalist specializing in security issues explained that the killer was dismissed from work as he was working as a soldier in the army because of the cases that were recorded against him.

Sabah Al-Salem victim

The killer stabbed Farah Hamza, a citizen, several times until he lost her life, then transferred her to Al-Adan Hospital.

A video clip circulated on social media in Kuwait documented the overwhelming state of chaos that befell the hospital, at which the victim’s body was thrown at its door.

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of the murderer of the citizen Farah Hamza in the Sabah Al-Salem area in a record time, as he confessed to stabbing her in the chest.

Twitter saw a tag entitled “Sabah Al-Salem Crime”, during which they tweet angry and indignant tweets and demanded that the most severe penalties be imposed against the criminal who committed his crime during the blessed month of Ramadan, without any humanity and deterrence.

He wanted to marry her

The lawyer for the victim, Farah Hamza, Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan, revealed that the killer has no relationship with the victim, denying what is rumored through some means of communication. According to the local newspaper “Al-Qabas”

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He confirmed that the killer saw his client in Al-Khiran Park and was able to access her and her home data, and he pursued and disturbed her.

The lawyer said that when they filed a complaint against him, he claimed that he did not intend to watch her, but rather wanted to marry her, so they told him that the victim, Farah Hamza, is married and has children.

On the basis that the case ended at this point, but the perpetrator attacked the victim again and kidnapped her, and when the kidnapping case was registered, he began to pressure her to concede, and he kidnapped her with her mother and broke her phone.

Lawyer Al-Qattan indicated that he had filed a second case against the accused for attempted murder after he tried to kill the victim and her maternal aunt, and he sent death threats to the victim to force her to give up. He was exposed to her 3 days ago at a bank and beat her.

The victim’s sister speaks out

Farah Hamza Akbar’s sister also revealed that the Hawalli prosecutor had neglected their reports before the crime against the murderer, and she said: “I appealed to the Hawalli prosecutor, and told them that if they let him go, he would kill us. He threatened me personally, and threatened my sister, but to no avail, nor as if we spoke.”

And she continued: “The last time, he was filled with enough money, so he fired me, we registered two cases against him, even the criminal evidence when I called them, and Raed answered me, or I don’t know his rank, two stars and a crown, and I told him that he would pick us up.

The victim’s sister, Farah Hamzah, returned and confirmed that she had registered two cases against the accused, adding: “A case I said I caught myself, and a case that my colleague Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan handles, and when we went to the forensic evidence, the accused returned by car to my sister and my aunt with the aim of killing them, and they did not catch him, and only kept him for how many days. “.

Farah Hamzah’s sister confirmed that she had registered a kidnapping case a few days later, and the accused was also imprisoned for a few days and then the prosecutor removed him on bail.

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