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The Ministry of Interior in Qatar issued a strongly worded statement warning of messages and phrases by some on the communication sites, which it said stir tribal strife and target the fabric of Qatari society.

In its statement, which was published on its official Twitter page, the Qatari Ministry of Interior said that some are circulating “messages and phrases that stir up strife and target the components of society by provocation, defamation and abuse, which would cause division between the Prime Time Zone of the same country and harm the fabric of society.”

Qatari Ministry of Interior talks about media campaigns

The statement explained that some seek to employ these behaviors in the form of “media campaigns” aimed at “splitting national unity and sowing division and hatred that Qatari society has overcome in the darkest conditions during the past years.”

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The Qatari Ministry of Interior added, “And because raising hateful sectarian or tribal strife, discrimination between members of society and its components, or humiliating one group over another in society, are among the serious issues that affect the security and unity of society. The concerned authorities will not hesitate to implement all procedures in accordance with the law against anyone who tries to undermine the unity and cohesion of society or harm national cohesion and social cohesion based on the principles of justice and equality between citizens in rights and public duties,” the statement said.

Qatar witnessed rare protests by members of the Al-Murra tribe in Doha in mid-August, due to some provisions of the candidacy law for the Shura Council.

The Qatari Ministry of Interior refers 7 Prime Time Zone to the competent authorities

On August 8, the Ministry of Interior announced, through its Twitter account, that the seven Prime Time Zone were referred to the competent authorities, and that it “will not tolerate taking legal measures against anyone who adopts a racist discourse aimed at threatening the security, stability and social peace of society,” and called on users of social media platforms. To “not offend any component of society on tribal or racial grounds.”

Al-Murra tribe dispersal

On the thirteenth of last August, members of the Al-Murra tribe in Qatar, which is one of the largest Bedouin tribes in the Gulf and has its roots in eastern Saudi Arabia, announced the dispersal of their sit-in in compliance with the orders of Emir Tamim bin Hamad after reaching an agreement to end the dispute over the Shura Council elections law. .

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Reuters news agency commented on the crisis in Qatar, noting that “tribal sensitivities” surfaced after those belonging to a chief tribe found themselves ineligible to vote in the first legislative elections that will take place in the country next October, according to a new electoral law. The Shura Council.

In this regard, Reuters referred to the protest gathering organized by the Al-Murra tribe to protest against the new law, “which prevents the participation of Qataris whose families did not have a presence in Qatar prior to 1930 from voting.”

Activists circulated videos that showed members of the Al-Murra family announcing the dispersal of the sit-in that took place in Doha during the past days, in compliance with the orders of Emir Tamim bin Hamad.

Controversy over the conditions for candidacy in the Qatari Shura Council elections

The conditions for candidacy for the Shura Council elections in Qatar sparked a great deal of controversy on social media platforms.

The law ratified by the Emir of the country, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, stipulates that “everyone whose original nationality was Qatari and who has completed 18 Gregorian years shall have the right to elect members of the Shura Council.”

One of the provisions of the law also indicated that the right to vote is granted to those whose grandfather was born in Qatar and acquired citizenship before 1930; These terms have sparked a lot of controversy on social media.

Elections for the Shura Council are scheduled for next October, and when its members are elected, it will assume the power of legislation, approving the general budget, and oversight over the state’s executive authority.

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