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The fashionista and Saudi beauty expert, Queen Kabli, shared with her followers the results of her lip reduction surgery after dissolving the accumulated layers and clumps of filler.

(sorry for the look)

Malakah published a picture of her through her account in (Snapchat), showing the effects of the stitches and the operation on her lips, commenting: (I apologize for the view, but this is the form of internal sewing and it does not appear, God willing, my doctor is a surgeon whose hand is wrapped in silk).

And she continued: (Of course the lips are swollen, after one to two weeks, the results will be visible).

The day before, Malakah had published a video while she was with the plastic surgeon, who spoke to her about the need to perform a filler surgery, explaining that its accumulation causes danger and spoils the appearance.

Filler lumps and medical error

The doctor explained to Queen’s followers the necessity of removing the old filler completely, then injecting a new filler in small quantities because many of its layers have a negative result.

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The Saudi fashinista doctor stressed not to mix two types of fillers together, as the traces of the old must be completely eliminated before injecting a new one.

The Queen of Capelli recently admitted the number and cost of plastic surgeries she underwent, after surprising her followers with a big change in her appearance.

Kabli queen plastic surgery

Malaka answered the questions of her followers in a video via (Snapchat), and responded to the question (How many times have you undergone plastic surgery? Please reply), by saying: (I straightened my body once from close, and I flattened my face twice, I do not know whether the fillers are practical or not, only my lips Texas level).

The nose of the queen of kabli

And she continued: (Equal to Botox, and I want to straighten my eyelids, remove the zygotes from here, but I am still thinking, and I have no problem saying, I love plastic surgery that is sweet).

One of her followers asked her about the secret of her thin waist, saying: (What kind of operation did you perform on your waist and how much did it cost you?).

The Queen of Kabli
kabli queen

The queen of Kabli replied: (I did a normal carving like what all the girls do, frankly, it was in exchange for advertising, and he is a doctor of imagination originally who does not need publicity, but he did it for me for free, but if we calculate the cost of the original operation, it is 90 thousand, but I made it for free).

In another context, the Queen of Kabli a few weeks ago sparked widespread controversy on social media, after receiving a very expensive gift.

The Queen of Capelli revealed that she had received a precious gift, a red Ferrari, without revealing the identity of the sender or the occasion.

In a video, through her official account on (Snapchat), the Queen of Kabli documented the moment she opened the car door, and in her hand was a bouquet of flowers, and she said: (What is this beauty, these are gifts and nothing).

Queen Kabli appeared in other clips while driving the car and expressing her great happiness with the gift, and the driving that her Kuwaiti husband, Ahmed Al-Salem, was preventing her from.

Ahmed Al Salem tops Twitter

The name of Ahmed Al-Salem was the trend via (Twitter) in Saudi Arabia, after the tweeters ridiculed their imagining of his reaction when he saw that his ex-wife was doing what he was preventing her from.

While others guessed that Ahmed Al Salem was the one behind the gift, especially after circulating a picture of him with her, which made the audience talk about the possibility of them returning to each other again.

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Ahmed Al-Salem and Queen Kabli appeared together in one of the centers that provided the anti-Corona vaccine, which made them attacked by activists who accused them of deceiving the public with their divorce story in order to attract views only.

Ahmed Al-Salem responded at the time by saying that he had published his official divorce document from the queen of Kabli and would not benefit from deceiving the public, stressing that his ex-wife is not his enemy so that he would not meet her or bring them together by chance at any time.

Divorce of the Queen of Kabli

Months ago, Ahmed Al-Salem announced his official divorce from the fashionista and Saudi beauty expert, Queen Kabli.

Ahmed Al-Salem published a copy of the divorce deed issued by the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia, and attached it to a comment in which he said: “Praise be to God for everything .. God compensates me and compensates her with good.”

The differences between Queen Kabli and Ahmed Al-Salem came to the fore after an indistinct exchange between them through their accounts on social media.

The beginning of the controversy was when the queen of Kabli published mysterious messages via “Snapchat” about infidelity.

And she appeared in a video clip, while she was driving her car and singing with Diana Haddad: “And if they go short, your love after Mivid,” the video was accompanied by a comment: “The cheater and the liar settle Fadel Lugab.”

The queen also published a picture that read: “It’s okay if you let me down, I let myself down by your choice,” and commented on another picture, saying: “I wish I had not told anyone about you so that the disappointment would remain between you and me.”

In another picture, she wrote: “Stay with the cheap.. I am precious to you.”

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