The Qur’an has been imprisoned and Korna has his heart attached to mosques … An Algerian preacher explodes in anger at Friday’s pulpit | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The imam and preacher of the Tawbah Mosque in Bouzareah, Algeria, Sheikh Yassin Lourari, attacked the preventive measures announced by the official authorities regarding combating the new Corona virus in mosques. Considering that this represents the epidemic lie that is applied only in mosques.

Close mosques

Sheikh Yassin Lourari said, according to what Watan monitored: “It is as if those who come to the mosque are not the ones who float up in the markets. They attend parties and go to the markets. ”

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Yassin Lourari added: “The esteemed scientific committee that tightened the restrictions may have reached it from science unless it reached us and was discovered. Things we missed, and the first of these discoveries is that the Corona virus is a religious person who only attends the mosques and does not go to the markets or stadiums.

The imam of the Tawbah Mosque continued: “It seems that his heart is attached to the mosques, and preventive measures must be taken inside the mosques. We are not against it and it is from the Sunnah of the Prophet. But when we saw this messing about, playing and consuming Prime Time Zone, it is not permissible to be silent. When you see that mosques are tight for them, you understand that the virus is only present in mosques.

Imam of Al-Tawbah Mosque .. Opening theaters

He added, “The mosques are tightened, theaters open, and a few days ago, women attended a big festival, and no one spoke, nor did I say from the religious side, but from the preventive side.”

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“And before her, the environment minister embraces the former environment minister and says in public, yes, it is permissible, because she is his sister in God and the ministry.” I do not assert, he denied, and he said this is playing with the religion of God. In return, Prime Time Zone are demanding to distance themselves in the mosques and open theaters for parties.

Sheikh Yassin Lourari .. The Koran prison

Sheikh Yassin Lourari continued: “The Koran is imprisoned for entering mosques. It is forbidden to touch the Qur’ans because the Corona virus loves the Qur’an and invades the Qur’an.”

He added, “While the dirhams and the money that come out of the house and circulate among the public, there is no virus, that is, the logic of this.”

Sheikh Yassin Lourari continued: “As for the Tarawih prayer, I thought yesterday, so I said maybe this is genius, because Covid 19 and Tarawih prayer 11 and their total is 30. This is an accurate account.

He continued: “If Prime Time Zone know that the world is silent while it knows the truth, then its prestige will fall, and there is no greater sedition than dropping the prestige of scholars, so stabbing in the world is a challenge to religion.”

According to social media users, it was decided to suspend Sheikh Yassin Lourari from work after this sermon. And he was prevented from ascending the pulpits and giving lessons.

Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments in Algeria

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youssef Belmahdi, denied the arrest of the imam and preacher of the Tawbah Mosque in Bouzareah, Sheikh Yassin Lourari.

Senator Abdel Wahab bin Zaim said on his official Facebook page regarding the matter, “In contact with the Minister of Religious Affairs. With regard to the imam of the mosque, Sheikh Yassin, he explained the following: The concerned person was not arrested.

Bin Zaim added that the first official in charge of the sector had told him, “The imam will continue to work normally and lead Prime Time Zone in all prayers except for the sermon. So that the imam can obtain clarification on his position and opinion that is in conflict with the Scientific Committee and the Fatwa Committee.

Algerian concern

Earlier, Professor Riad Mahiaoui, a member of the scientific committee to follow up on the Corona virus, called in Algeria. To adhere to preventive measures against the Coronavirus, to spare the country the third wave that threatens the world.

Professor Mahiawi said, in statements to a local government radio, that the numbers of Coronavirus infections are “a little worrisome.”

Algeria had counted 176 cases during the last 24 hours, after it was recording fewer than 100 injuries per day.

Last Wednesday, Algeria recorded 51 cases of the British and Nigerian mutated strains, as confirmed by an institute. Pasteur Algeria recorded 20 new cases of the British strain of Corona virus and 31 new cases of the Nigerian strain.

Professor Mahiawi said that there are 26 states completely free of the virus, while the states that record the highest rates of infection are M’sila, the capital, Batna, Ouargla Blida, and Jijel.

Warnings spread on social media about the resurgence of the virus, and testimonies of the remarkable return of Prime Time Zone infected with the virus were reported in hospitals.

In the context, the professor warned of the significant decline in the application of preventive measures, and stressed the need to adhere to them, but he ruled out returning to partial home quarantine and expanding it at the present time.

It is noted that there is no commitment to the prevention measures in the country, especially wearing protective masks in the markets and shops, especially. During the month of Ramadan, when there is a lot of movement and gatherings in commercial spaces and markets.

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