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Yesterday, Monday, the Algerians were shocked by the news of the death of the famous Algerian artist Belaha Ben Zian, known as (Al-Nouri), at the age of 68.

His accident coincided with his death in one of the scenes of his series (Ashour El-Tenth), which is broadcast during the month of Ramadan.

The death of Balaha bin Zayan

Coincidence and fate wished that his real death was on the day the scene of his death was broadcast in the last episode of the series (Ashour X), which was broadcast on Sunday on Algerian television.

Social media pioneers shared the last scene of the artist Balaha in the 19th episode of the series.

Where he fell unconscious before entering the Sultan Hall, a scene that the followers said was the precursor to the death of (Al-Nuri) in the series.

Ashour tenth

The artist Balaha considered in previous statements that his role “Al-Nuri” in the series “Ashour El Tenth” is one of the best and most important roles that he played in his artistic career.

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The director of the work, Jaafar Qassem, dealt with him professionally when he restored him from the freedom to amend the text and dialogue to the artistic stand on his role in the dramatic work.

It is the experience in which the late artist succeeded as a researcher in melodic poetry and was able to change words in the dialogue without deviating from the content.

An urgent surgery by the artist Balaha bin Zayan

But Al-Nouri was suffering from illness during the filming of the series “Ashour El Tenth”, but he managed to overcome his pain during work, which required him to undergo urgent surgery last week on the “heart veins” in the military hospital in the province of Oran, western Algeria.

The director, Jaafar Qassem, who worked for a long time with Bin Zayan, the late actor, mourned, and said: “All the words do not express my pain. Today I lost my brother and friend, my source of inspiration. A wonderful person who spreads joy wherever he is. Aziz made us happy in all his works. Habib loved by everyone who knew him. I lost you and I will always miss you. You will remain in my heart forever. ”

The Algerian actor Othman Ariwat, through his account on “Instagram”, mourned the deceased Ben Zayan, and wrote: “Oh God, forgive him and have mercy on him and make his grave a garden from the garden of paradise.”

As for the artist, Salih Uqrout, he wrote on “Instagram”, saying: “Balaha Bin Zayan, the artist who was my best friend. The delicate artist, the beautiful human being, and the creatures under the protection of God. Oh God, have mercy on him, forgive him, and make his resting place the highest paradise.

The corpse of Bin Zayan was carried out on Monday in the Siq cemetery in Mascara Province, northwestern Algeria, and a number of local artists are scheduled to participate in it.

Who is the Algerian artist Balaha Bin Zayan?

The artist Ben Zayan Balaha was born in 1953 in the state of Oran, in western Algeria, and began his artistic career from theater and television in 1972.

When he entered the acting institute in Oran, he succeeded in a short period of appearing on Algerian television since 1974.

The late artist Balaha Ben Zayan is one of the most famous comedians in Algeria.

He excelled in performing roles of humor in drama and theater, which earned him a wide audience that followed his news and works whenever they saw the light on the screen.

Among the most prominent television and theatrical works in which bin Zayan participated, “Ayesh Belhif” in 1992, “Nass Mallah City” in 2006, and “Diary of Zarbout” in 2008.

And “Jamaa Family” in 2008, 2009 and 2011, “Boudou” in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, “Neighbors House” in 2013, and “Familia Star” in 2013.

In addition to “Dar Al Bahjah” in the same year, “Lazimkri” in 2014, and “Ashour El Tenth” series in 2021.

The late artist also excelled in several theatrical and television works, most of them with a comic character, among them television dramas: “Huwaidq”, “Kfash and Aalash”, “Kaltum”, “Poisoned Rose”, “Jilali Kalancha”, the three parts of the series “Ashour El Tenth”, And “Nass Mallah City”.

Among his most famous theatrical works is “The Apples” by the late Algerian theater martyr Abdelkader Alloula, who was assassinated by a terrorist group in 1994.

Among the most famous comic roles that the late artist played was the role of “Al-Nuri” in the three parts of the social humor series “Ashour El Tenth”.

It is the role of a minister working under the authority of “Sultan Ashour the Tenth”, who was loved by the public and was a competitor to the role of the “hero king” according to critics, due to his wit and mastery of his role with distinction.

Unlike many artists, the late artist Asmaa has gained fame from his successful comedies, including “Leaders” from the series “Al-Jama’i Family” and “Al-Nawy” from the series “Ashour El-Tenth”.

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