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Jordanian media circulated a strange news that a Jordanian groom divorced his bride half an hour before the wedding.

In the details, a man in the Marka area east of the Jordanian capital Amman, Friday, divorced his wife half an hour before their wedding, despite the fact that they had completed all the arrangements for the ceremony.

As for the reason that prompted the groom to divorce his bride, when he went to get her from the beauty salon, he was surprised that the hairdresser working in the salon and who supervised the preparation of the bride was a “young man” and not a female hairdresser.

It seems that the groom could not bear to have a young man comb his bride’s hair on the “day of life”, which caused a verbal altercation between them that ended with their separation immediately instead of going to the celebration hall as scheduled.

Jordanian groom pays the price for questioning the virginity of his bride!

In another context, a court in Jordan obliged a Jordanian groom to pay compensation to his bride after he challenged her honor on the wedding night.

According to local media, the court decided to fine the groom 18,000 dinars for his bride (more than 25 thousand US dollars), including fees and expenses, and an amount of (800) dinars as attorney fees in favor of the plaintiff, in addition to interest at the rate of (9%) annually from the date of the claim until full payment. .

The groom claimed that his bride is not a virgin

The incident began after the husband questioned his wife’s virginity on the wedding night, where he brought his father and mother, and also called her parents to tell them that his wife is not a virgin.

The bride’s parents only took her to a forensic doctor, who examined her and confirmed that her husband’s allegations were false, after proving this with a medical report.

The incident sparked widespread controversy on social media, and revived the conversation and discussion about virginity tests.

Activists demanded to stop the virginity test as a violation of the woman’s body.

And human rights defender Dima Al-Kharabsheh said about the incident: (Today, we must all stand behind every girl who is subjected to a violation by forcing her to do a virginity test, or the so-called virginity test).

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Al-Kharabsheh continued: (This examination does not prove anything scientific and realistic, on the contrary, there are many scientific researches that have proven that these tests that support the superstitions that some Prime Time Zone still possess in their daily lives and in their behavior with others) are not true.

Al-Kharabsheh called for the protection of women and girls from the violations they are subjected to, simply because there is no person or entity to defend and protect them, as she put it.

Kharabsheh added: (This responsibility rests directly and mainly on official state institutions because they must protect all its citizens).

“Oman’s Runaway Bride”

A few days ago, social networking sites in Jordan were buzzing with a video clip documenting an unusual scene of a girl running in the streets of the capital, Amman, in a wedding dress.

The fugitive bride of Amman is causing a sensation in Jordan

The fugitive Oman bride appears in the video that was followed by (Watan), while she was holding the ends of her dress and running in the middle of the cars, while a veiled woman followed her as if she was trying to catch her.

The scene of the bride of Oman sparked widespread controversy among activists who at first thought that she had been forced into marriage, and decided to gather her strength and run away.

Others expressed wide sympathy with her, and suggested that she was subjected to violence by her family, before the Amman bride herself broke her silence and revealed the truth.

In another video, the girl said that she is not a fugitive, and that what the activists saw was just part of an agreed-upon photo session.

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