The resistance in Gaza launches (210) rockets, half of them at Tel Aviv and the other half at Beersheba (video) A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Palestinian resistance responded, to the Israeli bombing of residential towers in the Gaza Strip, by directing a missile launch at Tel Aviv and Beersheba.

Al-Qassam Brigades direct a large missile strike to Beersheba

“Al-Qassam Brigades” announced at dawn on Wednesday that it had launched a massive missile strike with 100 rockets in Beersheba, in response to the Israeli forces’ resumption of bombing civilian towers in Gaza.

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The occupation warplanes bombed the Al-Jawhara Tower in the center of Gaza City, which includes dozens of media offices, but failed to completely destroy it, as it remained steadfast against the four missiles fired by those aircraft.

The Al-Qassam Brigades added that it carried out a new missile strike targeting the Tel Aviv area and Ben Gurion Airport with 110 missiles, in response to the resumption of targeting residential towers.

Al-Qassam Brigades also launched a new burst of heavy rockets towards the occupied territories.

The brigades sent a letter to the Israeli authorities saying: “If you return, we will.”

The Al-Qassam Brigades revealed that it used in the missile strike that it launched at dawn on Wednesday to Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport for the first time, SH85 missiles in honor of the martyr commander Muhammad Abu Shamala, in addition to the A120, M75, J80 and J90 missiles, while the occupied Beer Sheba was targeted with missiles from the Sajjil family. .

Avichai Adraei admits to bombing Tel Aviv and Beersheba

The Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, announced the activation of warnings again in the city of Tel Aviv and (its suburbs), as he said.

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The Israeli spokesman tried to console himself in a tweet monitored by Watan, saying: (I say to the enemies of Israel: You will not be able to break our will).

Israelis injured in the bombing of Tel Aviv

The Israeli Channel 12 announced that two Israelis were injured in the resistance bombing of Tel Aviv, after a missile directly hit a house in the (Yehud) area, east of Tel Aviv.

Al Jawhara Tower after Hanadi Tower

The Jawhara Tower, which was bombed by the Israeli occupation planes, includes many media outlets and companies that provide their press services to Arab satellite channels, including (the National Information Agency, Palestine Newspaper, Al-Arabi Channel, Iraqi Channel, Al-Nujaba Channel, Al-Suriya Channel, Al-Kufiya Channel, Al-Mamlaka Channel, and the Local APA Agency) Sabq Agency 24, Media Professionals Forum, and the Palestinian Center for Democratic Dialogue and Political Development).

The bombing of Tel Aviv

On Tuesday evening, the Israeli warplanes targeted the Al-Jawhara Tower in central Gaza City with two missiles.

This is the second tower targeted by the Israeli forces after they destroyed the Hanadi tower, west of Gaza City, and flattened the ground, without any injuries reported.

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