The Right Promise Brigades … An unknown group adopts the bombing of Riyadh and Dubai, the next target A nation is tweeting out of tune


An unknown party calling itself the Al-Waad Al-Haq Brigades claimed responsibility for the missile strikes that took place in Riyadh yesterday, Saturday. After the Yemeni Houthi group denied any attack against the kingdom.

Videos posted on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia yesterday, Saturday, showing the moment of bombing Riyadh with missiles. While the Houthis denied launching any attack.

Those who dealt with these videos said that they documented the fall of rockets fired at the Kingdom.

The Right Promise Brigades adopt the bombing of Riyadh

A group called the “Right Promise Brigades” published a statement that activists circulated on Twitter. Adopt it The bombing of Riyadh With what it described as “terror planes” drones

The statement considered the group’s alleged attack yesterday as “the beginning of transferring the deterrence equation into their sheikhdom (Al Saud) in revenge for the blood of the martyrs.”

The UAE vowed to bombard, saying that “the next strike will be in the dens of evil in Dubai.”

On Saturday, Saudi media reported that the coalition intercepted a hostile air target launched by the Houthis towards Riyadh. While the Houthis denied bombing Riyadh.

For its part, Al-Arabiya TV reported that a missile was launched towards Riyadh.

The military spokesman for the Houthi group, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, denied on Twitter that any offensive operation had been carried out within 24 hours.

Saree also affirmed their natural and legitimate right to respond to the countries of aggression as long as the aggression and siege continues, as he put it

The Saudi-led Arab coalition announced the destruction of a drone launched by the Houthis towards the Kingdom.

The coalition also reported that it intercepted and destroyed a booby-trapped boat in the southern Red Sea, indicating its affiliation with the Houthis.

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