The Royal Oman Police deals a new blow to prostitutes in the Al Batinah Governorate | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Royal Oman Police announced that it had arrested a number of foreign women in the south of Al Batinah, on charges of engaging in immoral acts. In a scene it was repeated a few days ago in the Sultanate of Oman in Al Khuwair, Muscat.

The Sultanate of Oman Police said in an official statement published on its Twitter page that the Police Command of the South Al Batinah Governorate had arrested 18 foreign women.

The statement indicated that this came on the accusation of engaging in acts contrary to morals and public morals.

And he stressed that the legal procedures against them are being completed.

63 women of different nationalities seized and a repeated scenario

It is noteworthy that on the 4th of this month, the Royal Police announced in an official statement on Twitter as well, that it is within the framework of continuous efforts. And the incessant to maintain security, order and public morals. The Muscat Governorate Police Command, supported by the concerned formations, carried out a security operation.

According to his (Watan) monitor, she explained that this operation resulted in the seizure of 63 women of different nationalities. They perform acts that violate public morals and morals.

According to the statement, legal measures are being taken to refer them to the judicial authorities.

Although the Al Khuwair area was not specifically mentioned in the statement, activists linked the marking of Al Khuwair to the urgent police action.

They emphasized that the arrested women were the ones who were standing in the streets of Al Khuwair to attract those seeking forbidden pleasure.

It is noteworthy that social networking sites in the Sultanate of Oman were ignited a few days ago with a wide wave of anger through the hashtag “# Who_Save_Khuwair”, in which he criticized the activists. The phenomenon of overt prostitution in Al-Khuwair in the capital, Muscat.

Activists circulated a video clip broadcast by a citizen from the Al-Khuwair neighborhood, showing scenes of disgraceful prostitutes standing on the side of the road. To attract those who want forbidden fun.

Many Omanis also shed light on this phenomenon and called on the authorities to quickly intervene. To preserve community and family security from these chaos.

The talk is shameful and silence is a scandal

The hashtag “Save Al-Khuwair” was the leader of the Omani trend and met with great interaction by activists, after the article of the Omani journalist Suhail bin Nasser Al-Nahdi. In the Omani newspaper, Al-Watan.

Nahdi’s article came under the title “Who will save the Khuwair?” Which, in turn, turned to mark the leadership of the Omani trend within short hours.

The writer Suhail Bin Nasser considered in his article that what is happening in Al Khuwair is a “defect” in his estimation, and that talking about it is shameful and silence about it is a scandal.

And he stressed, according to what Watan has monitored in the article, that no one is satisfied with those shameful scenes that happen on Al-Khuwair roads.

He continued: “This beautiful area, which is characterized by residential neighborhoods with a somewhat old character, was built around the mid-seventies, and modern ones. As well as the presence of commercial districts and multiple facilities that enjoy active movement throughout the day, but the scenes that take place distorted that beautiful picture.

“Without modesty or modesty”

And the Omani writer went on, revealing the details of the unfortunate situation in Khuwair: “Foreigners standing on both sides of the road exposing themselves to pedestrians, in broad daylight and darkness at night. Without modesty or modesty. A car is standing on the side of the road, and they gather around it – there is negotiation – the first car goes and the other comes. ”

He explained that this happens all night long until the sun rises “as soon as you enter a road in Al Khuwair. Unless you find that scene in front of which a person feels shy, and it happens in front of everyone!

Suhail bin Nasser said in his article that he cannot name what is happening except that it remains a haunting scene that a person bows his head in front of him.

He asked with a sigh: How did the Khuwair transform or transform into that scene? How does this happen in my country ?! A scene that has continued for several years. And we were hoping it was passing and over.

However, according to the writer, it continued and worsened, and what was happening at night became repeated during the day, and what was in one way became in most ways. It spreads, and at the same time it searches for those to stop or limit it.

Bin Nasser continued: “In front of all this, and the damage it inflicts on the reputation of the country, the chastity of its Prime Time Zone and the purity of the inhabitants of that region, and the future and health of youth. And their safety, a person stands in front of him, amazed, raising many questions, how does he allow this to happen?

He continued his questions: “Who will benefit? What is called such scenes? And for whom?

Foreign girls gathered

The Omani writer stressed that these scenes of foreign women gathering and standing on the sides of the road, in restaurants, in front of shops and other sites. “We have not seen it before except in countries famous for promoting this kind of tourism.”

He pointed out that even in these countries (those) do not stand there on both sides of the road, but rather in specific locations.

So the question that poses itself, according to the author: “Why is this happening to us ?! If the one passing through is for the Khuwair or who wants to shop from its markets and stores. He is surprised by what he sees. What is the situation of the residents in that region? What is their fault that this happens in their area ?!

Nahdi pointed out that this matter is extremely dangerous and has many negative consequences.

Stressing that no one is satisfied with these matters to happen in this blurry way, and what is happening in this region can spread to other regions. If it continues to be silent.

He concluded: “Therefore, I cannot really direct the issue to a specific party that is responsible, but I think that we all bear responsibility for what happens. This matter affects our religion, our values, our customs, our traditions and the general taste, for these are scenes that can only be placed in the category of dens – may God bless you – and there is no term for them to put them in.

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