The Russian ruble rises against the dollar and the euro


The exchange rate of the Russian currency rose today, Tuesday, against the dollar and the euro, offsetting some of the losses it incurred in the previous period, and the rise came in light of high oil prices in global markets.

The dollar’s ​​exchange rate decreased by 41 kopecks (one ruble = 100 kopeks) to 74.25 rubles, while the euro’s exchange rate declined by 57 kopecks to 90.23 rubles, Novosti reported.

The rise in the ruble coincided with the rise in oil prices on world markets, and according to “Novosti” agency, “Brent” rose by 0.5% to $ 55.92 a barrel.

On the Moscow Stock Exchange, the stock exchange index of stocks denominated in rubles, MICEX, rose to the level of 3520 points, setting historical records.

Source: A.A.A.

The article, the Russian ruble climbing against the dollar and the euro, was written in the Stock Exchange newspaper.