The Saudis ’addiction to sobia raises doubts about adding alcohol to it .. What is the truth of the matter | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia confirmed that what is being circulated about the presence of ethyl alcohol and industrial colors. In the Ramadan sobia drink, it is incorrect. He denied what was being discussed in this regard.

Fungi and bacteria

This came to refute a rumor saying that sobia added to it artificial colors, and may contain alcohol, and full of fungi and bacteria. As a result of its preparation and purchase from street vendors.

The authority confirmed that ethyl alcohol is not added to sobia.

She indicated that there is a small percentage of ethanol that results from the process of self-fermentation of juices and drinks, which are chemical reactions. Natural with added sugar.

She said, “We would like to emphasize that the small percentage of ethanol (alcohol) found in sobia, juices and drinks.”

Natural chemical reactions

She indicated that this amount is due to natural chemical reactions that occur during the manufacturing process (self-fermentation), and that it is not added to drinks.

It showed that such a reaction occurs naturally, between natural substances and sugar.

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She emphasized that there is a regulation that sets maximum limits for alcohol residues in food, as well as the conditions for production, packaging and circulation of products. Marketed by street vendors such as Sobia. You may lack the sanitary conditions necessary for proper food production.

In a report published on the occasion of Ramadan, the Food and Drug General Authority corrected 11 rumors and misconceptions about some drinks and foods.

Wines in Saudi Arabia

Earlier, the security authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of 8 Ethiopians.

According to the Saudi newspaper, “Al-Mowaten”, the competent police authority in the Riyadh region managed to seize two wine factories. In the region, they are managed by 8 residents who hold Ethiopian citizenship

The police explained that one of the factories “is in a stream in a valley in Al-Jubaila, in the province of Diriyah, and the other is in a stream. One of the valleys in the Al-Masani neighborhood, south of Riyadh.

She pointed out that “the two factories contain 22 barrels and eight flasks, all filled with the manufactured wine and its manufacturing tools.”

She indicated that the two factories were run by 8 expatriates of Ethiopian nationality in violation of the residency system, and confirmed that they had been arrested. And suspending them in preparation for completing the legal procedures, she said.

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