The scandal of Kushner and his wife Ivanka has gone public and Trump plans to take refuge in Saudi Arabia | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The American network “NBC” revealed dangerous details about the gathering of the former US President’s advisor, Donald Trump, and his son-in-law. Jared Kushner, and his wife Ivanka Trump, have millions from Washington and the Middle East corrupt.

Violation of White House rules

It was never intended to allow Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to work in the White House, CNN said. Where the patronage rules exist for a reason,

He indicated that this was not to give the unqualified relatives of the US president any jobs in the most important office in the world.

The network added: “But Jared Kushner, the son of a criminal and real estate mogul, was recently pardoned, as Jordan Leibowitz said. Director of “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” in Washington. He came to the White House from his previous position as an executive in a family business.

The network added, “His work was often focused on collecting rent for the properties he owned in the slums.”

She added: “But nevertheless, he has been mandated to solve everything from the Covid-19 pandemic to reforming justice, justice to peace. Alleged in the Middle East ”.

Kushner resolved almost nothing, but was reported to have helped secure pardon for his father.

Anti-favoritism guidelines

The network indicated that it was important for Trump that Kushner and Ivanka work in the White House to the point that the Justice Department rejected guidelines to combat favoritism, the most important of which is a conflict of interest.

She said that Jared had claimed that he did not want to receive a salary while working in Washington, but that our friend had reaped more than $ 640 million in income while working in the White House.

The network acknowledged that there is still a lot it does not know about Kushner’s finances due to the way in which the GAO disclosures are prepared. From broad income ranges and opaque holding companies, but what we know warrants pause.

According to the network, when Kushner joined the management for the first time, he did not disclose his ownership of a real estate investment company. But he admitted, after reviews and audits, that he had obtained an equity stake ranging from $ 5 to $ 25 million.

Special privileges

The important thing is, according to the network, that this particular company was obtaining special privileges from the “Opportunity Zones” program supported by Ivanka Trump. Where it sounds like it’s illegal because it really is

The NBC article emphasized that other ethical concerns stem from the couple’s foreign relations, as Kushner has worked a lot with foreign governments.

Especially in the Middle East, which was trying to win President Trump’s favor by staying in its hotels.

According to their financial disclosures, Ivanka Trump has made about $ 13 million from her stake in the hotel since 2017, and has also done business in foreign countries.

The network stressed that Kushner and Trump were not accountable to anyone, and acted as if the normal rules did not apply to them, because in reality they did not.

“If there is a reason for Congress to pass stronger laws to combat favoritism, then Kushner’s corruption alone is sufficient reason.”

Trump and the Middle East

Separately, Michael de Antonio, a US political and economic analyst, said he would “not be surprised” if former president Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia or other Gulf countries.

The American political analyst explained that this would be in order to obtain money, while facing financial and judicial crises.

In statements to CNN, de Antonio said there were early signs that Trump was planning an international trip to deliver speeches.

He expressed his belief that the first will be in Saudi Arabia or somewhere in the Gulf. “There is a lot of money to pay him.”

As for the future that awaits Trump, de Antonio said Trump will return to the United States after his speeches trip.

He added, “Trump will focus on party groups to collect financial contributions, because they will be the source of his next revenue stream.”

Although the Senate acquitted Trump of “incitement to revolt,” the former US president still faces legal cases.

Which, he said, requires Trump “to pay these lawyers. And he is facing these financial problems that hover with the approaching repayment of his loans, ”said de Anthony.

At the end of his comment, de Antonio indicated that Trump “should focus on making money, and in one way or another he will get it through politics or the media. But we will not get rid of it. He will be present as much as he can do it. ”

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