The series of layoffs in the Sultanate of Oman continues, and the Omani ceramics workers are calling for help | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


It seems that the series of layoffs in the Sultanate of Oman by some major companies has begun and will not stop, as days after the “Sohar Steel” crisis, which was only resolved by the practical intervention of the authorities, a new layoff problem appeared today in one of Sohar’s companies.

According to Omani accounts on the communication sites, the workers of the “Oman Ceramics” company in the Sohar Industrial Area were surprised by the decision to dismiss 68 of them, even though they had not received their salaries for 6 months.

layoffs of Omani ceramic workers

Through the hashtag “Oman Ceramics Workers’ Lay-Off,” the Twitter network in the Sultanate of Oman raged with a wave of anger, as a result of what they described as the continuous series of layoffs, which threatens the lives and livelihoods of citizens.

Through the hashtag, activists revealed that among the laid-off workers, there are 11 Prime Time Zone with special needs.

Ahmed wrote, denouncing this decision via the hashtag: “Yesterday, the layoffs of Sohar Steel workers, and today the layoffs of Oman Ceramics workers.. How long will this farce continue?”

He added, “Every week, it’s the turn of a company, you mean? And who is the victim? Families are destroyed and homes disintegrate! And at the whim of the expatriate, who is honored and demobilized by the Prime Time Zone of the country! O your strength, O arrival, you expel the sons of the country, and you are the only one capable of you!”

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Muhammad Al-Maamari said: “God suffices me, and he is the best agent. The Oman Ceramics Company believes that the law has played it in its hands. The company produces what is existing in the factory, but this production is produced and sold in the local and foreign market, but under another name, which is Bahwan Building Materials Company.”

Youssef Makhmari noted that one of the biggest problems facing the theater is the inclusion of his name on the blacklist in the Central Bank.

This is in the event that he fails to pay the due installment, and this will deprive him of the right to borrow a house or any other loan.

Sohar iron layoffs

A few days ago, the General Federation of the Workers of the Sultanate said that a meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor, headed by His Excellency Sheikh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor, and in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sultanate’s Workers’ Union and the owners of Sohar Steel Company to discuss the issue of laying off Sohar Steel workers.

The Sultanate’s Workers’ Union confirmed through a tweet to it, which was monitored by “Watan” at the time, that the meeting resulted in the non-dismissal of workers and their continuation of their work.

It is worth noting that during the past two days, the hashtag_dismissal_Sohar_Steel_Steel spread on Twitter, in which he appealed to a group of workers in Sohar Steel to intervene and stop their layoffs immediately, after the company delivered letters of termination of work to a group of workers.

Social networking sites in the Sultanate of Oman witnessed controversy after Sohar Steel announced its intention to lay off a number of its employees starting next October.

Sohar Steel issued a statement in this regard, which was widely circulated during the past two days, in which it notified a number of its employees of the termination of their services, and they are about 52 workers, including the national workforce.

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The management of Sohar Steel justified this decision due to the losses that the company has been experiencing, since the beginning of the Corona pandemic and its impact on production and the company’s profits.

Sohar Steel’s decision sparked a wave of anger among the Omanis, and they launched a tag entitled “#Demobilization of Sohar Steel Workers”, in which they strongly criticized this decision and expressed their full solidarity with the laid-off workers.

The uproar caused a government intervention that resulted in a meeting with company officials, and the dismissal decision was halted.

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