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Jordanian TV sparked widespread controversy after its decision to ban the broadcast of the Jordanian village series “Umm Dirham”, which was supposed to be shown during the current program cycle for the month of Ramadan.

Jordan TV itself promoted the series

Jordan TV had personally led a 10-day promotional campaign for the series “Umm Dirham” through its electronic platforms. And his promo was shown on the screen within the Ramadan business list.

The director of Jordan TV for the company that produced the series also sent an official letter to the effect that it had purchased the rights to show the series. With a value of 70,000 Jordanian dinars ($ 100,000), before returning the next day to refuse the series’ offer.

Sari Al-Assaad rejects silence

The decision to ban the series from showing angered Sari Al-Asaad, work hero and former Jordanian artist captain. He who said that the work deals with the life of a “mukhtar” of a village who oppresses its Prime Time Zone and seizes their property.

Al-Asaad explained, in a video he posted on his Facebook page, that Jordanian society is like other societies in it. The good and the bad, and that the series deals with societal issues, and it serves as messages to the government about the wrong places in society.

Al-Asaad continued: “The censorship authorities have interpreted some of the scenes as sexual connotations, and the Jordanian drama is due to censorship. The producer contacted me and asked me not to talk about the subject, but I refused.”

He added, “They say the series carries a political content .. Do what you want, we will not disbelieve this country.”

Al-Assaad said that the work was rejected by two committees, as the TV management provided the producer with 38 notes about the series. They are all related to the fact that the series contains political overtones and projections.
Al-Assaad pointed out that there were scenes that were deleted in agreement with the TV management before the show, adding: “Despite the importance of it. Those scenes, except that it was said that this scene falls on so-and-so, and this falls on publicly, is it permissible in the knowledge of the administration to announce a product that is rejected ?! Why all this horror from dramas?

“Doomed to silence”

The author of the series “Mother of Draham”, writer Zaki Mardini, expressed his extreme anger at preventing it from being shown, and Mardini said in a post. To him, through his account on the “Facebook” website: “We are condemned to silence. It seems that the curse of rejection or prevention of display or at best. Hiding the series in the drawers and not marketing it, will remain associated with all works that raise the ceiling of challenges and discuss real issues. That should be put on the screens, away from thuggery, barbarism, betrayals and Turkish love. ”

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Mardini continued: “Starting with the Zawal series, which received the courageous support of Professor Diana Jabbour, it was produced, but after leaving it. For the TV Production Corporation, the work has become an unwanted productions, and this year specifically, the Saudi censorship refuses to authorize the filming of a series that I have composed.

The series director accuses “influential Prime Time Zone” of deleting it

In the same context, the director of the series Caro Ardad wrote on his Facebook page: “The Umm Dirham series has been excluded. By some influential Prime Time Zone on Jordanian television for illogical and flimsy reasons, although the series is a rural comic social.

He continued: “It is natural that every artistic work is subject to interpretation, and what is the problem that the series includes political projections?”

“But it seems that someone wants to put the sticks in the wheels and stop the wheel of Jordanian art, for reasons that belong to him,” he added.

Jordan TV issues an explanation

Jordan TV responded to what it described as “attacks”, explaining that the Umm Al-Draham series was subject to censorship procedures. After repeated reviews with the producer to work for several times about correcting the course of this work, starting from the series’ reference to the content in general.
Regarding the reasons for not accepting the series’ offer, the television stated, in a press release, which was reported by local media, that the work. He obtained a “poor” production and directorial rating after the censorship committee watched 7 episodes, and the recommendation was to buy in order to support Jordanian drama before making a subsequent decision not to approve it.

The administration stressed that the concept of the village is inconsistent with working while preserving Jordanian constants. The administration was amazed at the accusation. Television, “influential Prime Time Zone who influenced the decision of the censorship committee.”
The TV management confirmed its communication with the producer to make 101 amendments to the work to include the content that does not comply. With the Jordanian community.
The administration denied statements attributed to its director, Mohamed Balkar, that the rejection came for political reasons or omissions, confirming its keenness. To harmonize in the public interest of the Jordanian viewer who is waiting to present the customs, traditions and ideas that respect his legacy as it is for the Jordanian producer and artist.

The story of the series

It is noteworthy that the story of “Umm al-Draham” revolves around the mukhtar of a corrupt village who exploits the Prime Time Zone of the village to seize their money and force them. On selling their land.

The suspects revolt against the Mukhtar after being exposed by the Prime Time Zone, and a mukhtar is put in place, and at that time the former Mukhtar revolts, and he tries with all his strength to return to the forefront to take advantage of the privileges granted to him. Mayors.

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