“The Sheikh”: The television broadcast of the Handball Championship achieved the required profit


The network of “Ontime Sport” channels affiliated with Egyptian media has obtained the television broadcasting rights for the World Handball Cup, and the matches are shown on the “Ontime Sport 3” channel dedicated to the tournament, and the matches will be shown for free, provided that the tournament is transmitted in the highest quality through the technology « 4K, after bringing in special vehicles for that in cooperation with the Spanish company, Media Pro, which will produce the technical side of the tournament, and it has been distributed to the four halls.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Chairman of the Governmental Communication Committee for the World Handball Championship, said that television broadcasting rights were obtained after dealing with this file very professionally.

He added that the tournament was well marketed and achieved the required profit, in addition to the rights to sell to more than one country wishing to buy the tournament broadcast.

He explained that the role of the Governmental Liaison Committee is to facilitate government procedures with ministries such as the Ministry of Interior, from which all security clearances for the tournament are obtained and given all the data for delegations, to secure headquarters and stadiums, and the Ministry of Aviation, with which all matters related to the timing of the aircraft for delegations are followed up, and cooperation With the Ministry of Health to implement the precautionary measures to limit the emerging corona virus, Covid 19.

He stated that all procedures have been completed with the Ministry of Tourism to end contracting with 4 hotels to implement the precautionary measures.

The organizing committee of the tournament headed by Hussein Labib announced the establishment of two operating rooms, the first at Cairo Airport in Terminal 4 represented by the Ministries of Health, Interior, Sports, Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Cairo Port Authority, Egypt Air, the World Cup Organizing Committee and the Information Authority, and the role of the room is an immediate solution to the problems of World Cup guests coming from abroad, and the second in Cairo Stadium Represented from the concerned ministries, its role is internal coordination, immediate solution to any emergency crises, and liaison and coordination between all employees.

The organizing committee of the tournament decided to hold press conferences for the World Cup “online” matches and competitions with the feature of video conferencing, and this decision came within the framework of ensuring the implementation of the precautionary measures to be followed by the medical committee and the Ministry of Health, provided that all media professionals have the right to participate in the conference, whether those inside the bubble or Outside it.

The article «Sheikh»: The television broadcast of the Handball Championship achieved the desired profit. It was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.