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North Korea successfully tested a new long-range “cruise” missile at the end of last week, the North Korean regime’s media reported on Monday. It is a new test of Pyongyang’s weapons, although the dialogue with the United States continues to be suspended.

This came in a report published by the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” and translated by “Watan,” where the newspaper indicated that the North Korean Central News Agency had talked about more than one launch.

Cruise missile launch

She said that the tests were conducted last Saturday and Sunday, and were described as “successful” after the missiles flew for more than two hours and reached their specified targets at a distance of 1,500 km, after flying over North Korea’s land and waters.

Unlike ballistic missiles that the regime has also developed and tested, cruise missiles are not subject to sanctions by the United Nations Security Council, because they are considered weapons that do not pose a significant threat. According to the translation of “homeland”.

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For its part, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), said in a statement, that a detailed analysis (of the launches) is being carried out in close cooperation between South Korean and US intelligence services.

The statement also stated, “The development of a long-range cruise missile, which is a strategic weapon of great importance to achieve the main goal of the Five-Year Plan for the Development of Defense Science and Weapon Systems, established at the Eighth Party Congress, has made very important progress.”

In addition, the statement stressed, “In order to develop such new missiles, extensive tests of missile components have been conducted over the past two years, dozens of ground-engine thrust tests, in addition to various flight tests, control and guidance tests, and tests on the range of nuclear warheads. “.

Kim Jong-un was not present

During the tests, leader Kim Jong-un was not present, but Pak Jong-chul, who was appointed last week as a member of the powerful Presidium of the One-Party Politburo, was present along with Kim Jong-sik, deputy director of the Machinery and Construction Division and one of the key figures in Korea’s missile program. North, which Washington put on its sanctions list.

Also present was Jong Il Ho, a missile development scientist who has accompanied the North Korean leader on multiple occasions during test launches.

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The weapons test came after Pyongyang hosted a low-level military parade last Thursday to mark the 73rd anniversary of the country’s founding.

In the same context, this test is the first weapons test carried out by the regime since last March, when tactical missiles were also tested.

North Korea often displays missiles, both real and model, at such displays, but this time its most notable weapon was tractor-drawn artillery pieces.

It is worth noting that Pyongyang has not conducted any nuclear test or intercontinental ballistic missile launch since 2017.

A threat

For its part, the US military commented that the launches posed “threats to North Korea’s neighbors and other countries.”

For its part, the US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement, “This activity shows that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea continues to develop its military program, which poses threats to its neighbors and the international community alike.”

Although the reclusive communist country faces numerous international sanctions due to its nuclear and ballistic programs, which it continues to develop tirelessly, nothing prevents Pyongyang from developing the cruise missiles it has previously tested.

For his part, Park Won-gun, a professor of North Korean studies at Eha University and Mance, told AFP that the new missile “poses a major threat.”

The situation would be really catastrophic

“If North Korea reduces the size of the nuclear warhead enough, it can undoubtedly load it into a cruise missile,” Park said.

In turn, Jeffrey Lewis, of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, tweeted that these missiles would be able to launch nuclear warheads at targets “all over South Korea and Japan.”

“The medium-range land-attack cruise missile has a very dangerous capability for North Korea,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean armies told AFP, “Our military is conducting a detailed and meticulous analysis, in close cooperation with South Korean and American intelligence agencies.”

phased dialogue

North Korea’s talks with the United States have been stalled since 2019, and the impoverished country has shown no willingness to give up its nuclear arsenal. Instead, it has backed away from South Korea’s efforts to restart dialogue.

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In contrast, Sung Kim, US President Joe Biden’s envoy to North Korea, has repeatedly expressed his willingness to meet with his counterparts “anywhere and at any time.”

For its part, the International Atomic Energy Agency said in August that Pyongyang had apparently reactivated its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, warning that this was a “very worrying” development.

In a related context, South Korea last week tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile, a new technology that its northern neighbor wanted to develop.

In contrast, Pyongyang displayed four such missiles in January, during a military parade supervised by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, describing them as “the most powerful weapon in the world.”

But while North Korea has released images of underwater launches, most recently in 2019, analysts around the world believe they were launched from fixed platforms, not from a submarine.

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