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At a time when Israel is still on alert with all its security services, searching for the six prisoners who succeeded in liberating themselves from the “highly fortified” Gilboa prison, through a tunnel dug under the prison, the Palestinian Authority leadership agreed to Israel’s request to cooperate with it in searching for the prisoners.

The Palestinian Authority agrees to help Tel Aviv reach the six prisoners

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, quoted a leading source in the authority, as saying that a discussion took place the day before yesterday between officials in the Central Committee of Fatah and security officials in the authority, which led to an agreement to help Tel Aviv reach the liberators, in order to end this file, which It is feared that it will develop popularly and on the ground, in a way that does not serve the position of Ramallah, which is seeking to calm the situation in order to complete the economic peace project that was launched recently.

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The Authority’s agreement to cooperate was coupled with a condition that the prisoners not be liquidated, and that only arrest them, in addition to calming the conditions in prisons, given that the Israeli escalation there began to do its work in provoking the Palestinian street.

The assassination of prisoners may lead to an explosion of the situation

On the ground, coordination sessions have already begun between the occupation and the security services of the authority, which warned in a meeting held the day before yesterday in the West Bank between an official from it and officials in the so-called “civil administration” in the occupation army, of the assassination of the six prisoners because this may lead to an explosion in the West Bank. , given that their case affects families and large circles there, alerting the escalation of calls to demonstrate and clash with the enemy in various regions.

The authority’s warning coincided with a corresponding fear among the occupation army and its security services of the deterioration of the situation in the West Bank, in light of the growing popular interaction with the liberators, and their operation taking on global and regional dimensions, according to what was reported by the Israeli Army Radio.

Despite Ramallah’s denial of starting to help Tel Aviv to reach the prisoners, the Hebrew “Kan” channel revealed that Gantz asked the authority to cooperate, which the latter agreed to, fearing measures and penalties by the Israeli government against it in the event of its failure to respond, and therefore informed the Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein Al-Sheikh, Gantz, that “the authority will exert its efforts within the framework of joint action.”

The search for prisoners could last weeks

The Hebrew newspaper, Maariv, reported on Friday that estimates in the Israeli security apparatus indicate that the hunt for the six prisoners, last Monday, may continue for days and perhaps weeks.

These estimates, according to the newspaper, come against the background that “there is talk of six experienced fugitives who know the area,” and therefore the security services estimate that their pursuit “will be a complex and long process, with no relation to the final result.”

On Thursday, Israeli media reported that the Israeli security apparatus estimates that some of the prisoners are in the West Bank.

The newspaper pointed out that all the six prisoners, after escaping from prison, arrived in the village of Naoura, near the prison in Marj bin Amer, and were in the village mosque. “It was documented that the six were together, and from there they separated as pairs.”

The Israeli security apparatus, which includes the army, the police and the Shin Bet, has two tactical operating hypotheses: the prisoners have certainly separated, and some of them apparently entered the West Bank, according to the newspaper, and that the prisoners “certainly” receive help from Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the West Bank. . At least some of the prisoners receive help and they are not alone.”

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