The stability of the prices of “poultry”, “chicks” and “table eggs” during today’s trading


The prices of poultry, chicks, one-day old, and table eggs witnessed remarkable stability, during today’s trading Sunday 4-25-2021, with poultry recording 28 pounds per kilo on farm land, and chicks between 5 and 6 pounds.

Haitham Bakhati, a poultry breeder in Dakahlia, said that poultry prices have stabilized at the same rate of sale yesterday, due to the relatively low demand, in addition to the relatively low supply of farm owners.

He added that the price of poultry during sale to the consumer rises by about 3 pounds, in the governorates near the farms, and reaches 4 and 5 pounds per kilo in Cairo and Giza.

He explained that the prices of white poultry today are at 28 pounds per kilo in farms, while they are sold in shops in the governorates at 31 pounds, and in Cairo the prices range between 30 and 32 pounds, and may reach 34 pounds in some areas, and the prices of municipal chicken are between 37 and 39 pounds per kilo.

A kilo of haunches is sold for 30 and 35 pounds, and a kilogram of bani is recorded at 60 and 65 pounds, and the prices of rumi today have stabilized at 50 pounds per kilo in the local market.

“Bakhati” said, that the prices of the white chick, Omar, one day, stabilized at the selling rates yesterday, to record during the transactions today, Sunday 25-4-2021, between 5 and 6 pounds, according to the prices of each company.

“Bakhati” indicated that the prices of “table eggs” during the trading on Sunday 25-4-2021 witnessed stability, so that “white” recorded 32.5 pounds per carton, while “red” eggs recorded 33.5 pounds per carton.

Egypt’s production of poultry amounts to 4 million chickens per day, in addition to 13 billion eggs annually, and more than 2.5 million workers work in the sector, according to previous statements by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Al-Qusayr.

According to the data of the Poultry Producers Union, the volume of investments of poultry farms operating in the Egyptian market is about 90 billion pounds, while the number of breeders working in the sector ranges between 50 and 60 thousand establishments, including 20 large companies.

The article, the stability of the prices of “poultry”, “chicks” and “table eggs” during today’s trading was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.