The stock market closed down 1.44%… and the market capital lost 11 billion pounds


The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX30 closed down by 1.44% at the close of today’s session, stable at the level of 10496 points, and the EGX70 EWI index fell by 2.46% to settle at the level of 2773.54 points.

The EGX50 index of equal weights recorded a decline of 2.04%, stable at the level of 2306.2 points, and the “EGX30 capped” index decreased by 1.86%, stable at the level of 12819.4 points, and the broader EWI EGX100 index declined by 2.35%, stable at the level of 3660.4 points.

The market recorded trading values ​​of 1.27 billion pounds, through the trading of 484.9 million shares, with the implementation of 49.65 thousand buying and selling operations, after the shares of 196 restricted companies were traded, 25 of which rose, and the prices of 124 securities decreased, while the prices of 47 shares did not change. Others, to settle the market capitalization of listed shares at the level of 701.09 billion pounds, losing about 10.98 billion pounds during the session.

The net transactions of Arabs alone tended to buy at a value of 101.2 million pounds, with an acquisition rate of 8.03% of the buying and selling transactions on the shares, while the net transactions of Egyptians and foreigners tended to sell, recording 47.9 million pounds and 53.3 million pounds, respectively, with an acquisition rate of 83.44%. and 8.53% of the transactions.

Individuals carried out 80.7% of the transactions, heading towards buying, with the exception of foreign individuals, who recorded a net selling value of 5.14 million pounds. Egyptian and Arab individuals recorded a net purchase of 16.5 million pounds and 85.3 million pounds, respectively.

While institutions captured 19.3% of the trading, heading towards selling, with the exception of Arab institutions, which recorded a net purchase of 15.92 million pounds, while Egyptian and foreign institutions recorded a net sale of 64.5 million pounds and 48.12 million pounds, respectively.

The article The Stock Exchange closed down 1.44%… and the market capital lost 11 billion pounds. It was written in the Al Borsa newspaper.