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Jordanian actress, Dana Al-Masaeed, topped the social media talk, after she appealed to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, after being threatened with death by her father’s family in Jordan.

Public death threats

The beginning was when Dana Al-Masaeed wrote a tweet on her Twitter account, in which she said: “I am Dana Al-Masaeed, a Jordanian national, a Kuwaiti mother.

And she continued: (After that, they did not leave me for a moment to live in peace, I ask the highest authorities to protect me, do not make me the next victim, and raise my voice to everywhere #Mohammed_bin_Zayed.”

Through her account on “Instagram”, Dana continued the details of what is happening with her, explaining: (I Dana Al-Masaeed a few minutes ago, and I received a threat via direct message from unidentified Prime Time Zone, but they have a connection with me and my family, and then in a few minutes the account completely disappeared from Instagram, and then in minutes My account was hacked and I quickly got it back again.)

(I ask for your protection)

And she continued: (The threat reached me, a death threat with the utmost transparency and clarity. I demand my protection, and I ask the highest authorities to turn around my story and the events that happen to me in the past. I was in my country, Kuwait, who protected me for 20 years, and now I am in Deira and under the shadow of Zayed’s children.”

Dana Al-Masaeed indicated that it is not the first time that these threats have been received, adding: (In the past, my mother’s right was reached, and then my mother and my family were insulted and insulted in public and in front of Prime Time Zone, and now a threat to kill me, and all of my money is my soul and the psychology of my family is destroyed and destroyed by these matters).

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Dana directed her distress, saying: (I hope you will reach my voice, and I hope the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Emirates will take the necessary action and look into the matter and Ziyad’s children. I am buying you and asking for protection from you).

Threat text

Dana Al-Masaeed published the text of the greetings that she received via (Instagram), and one of them stated: (Listen, sweetheart, and invite your loved ones who are among them, two days with a lot of three and they no longer see you, peace, duck, and take advice not to make movements and think, you reach a limit because no one is It will benefit you and pray our salutations to Suhoor and my body, your blood wasted on our hands and our shame will wash away all for two days).

Dana Al-Masaeed's Threat

Then Dana appeared in a video crying, and she said: (No one chooses my life, I am a free person. I marry someone who is not my father, no one can marry me by force and decide who to marry me, and for two years I have been threatened with death, and I was kidnapped before, and they slaughtered me, but do not stab my honor).

Save Dana Al-Masaeed

Activists launched a hashtag (Save Dana Al-Masaeed), during which they demanded protection for the artist, who is currently in Abu Dhabi.

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Others indicated that Dana Al-Masaeed lived with her mother in Kuwait after her separation from her father, until her father’s family kidnapped her and returned her to Jordan, but she managed to escape to Abu Dhabi.

Last February, Dana Al-Masaeed was involved in a terrible traffic accident.

And the account of Dana Al-Masaeed, via “Instagram”, published a picture of her showing the moment she was taken to the hospital, and she appeared in a difficult condition, and a medical pressure was placed on her neck.

The “admin” commented on her by saying: “Your prayers for Dana, I had an accident today.”

The official responsible for Dana Al-Masaeed’s accounts did not reveal more details of the horrific incident.

Dana’s followers interacted with the photo, expressing their sadness at what she was exposed to, and praying for her full recovery to complete her artwork.

Jordanian Kuwaiti

It is noteworthy that Dana Al-Masaeed was born in Kuwait in 1996, and although she is Jordanian, she considers herself Kuwaiti, because she lived and grew up in Kuwait.

Dana stated in a previous interview that she does not deny her Jordanian origin, but that she was raised and lived in Kuwait, and she cannot deny the goodness of Kuwait over her, nor can she deny her origin either.

Dana Al-Masaeed started her artistic career when she was young, but because of her law studies, she stopped acting for a while, and after she finished her studies, she returned to acting again.

Dana’s artistic breakthrough

Dana Al-Masaeed’s artistic debut was in 2009 through the comedy “Toul Balak” program, then Dana participated in several successful TV series.

Dana Al-Masaeed also participated in the series “Was’a Sadrak” with Tariq Al-Ali, and participated in many television works, including “Phrases and Nostalgia”. “Grape’s Eyes”, “High School Girls”, and “The People are Races”.

The secret of Dana’s absence for a whole year

Dana Al-Masaeed went through a period of absence from social media and drama for a year.

Dana Al-Masaeed justified her absence during the “Very Frank” program on FM Radio, and said that the reason for her absence was due to a series of problems.

Al-Masaeed indicated that she was suffering from severe depression during this period, adding that the entry of any artist into a state of depression may affect him. quickly and destroys him, because fame makes a person subject to a range of pressures.

Dana Al-Masaeed stated that the reason for stopping artistic work is her studies because she aspires to become a lawyer in the future.

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