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The suicide of a child without in Kuwait raises widespread anger | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The news of the suicide of a Bidun child in Kuwait sparked widespread anger on Twitter. The Kuwaiti trend was tagged in a record time under the tag “The suicide of a child without”.

The 11-year-old committed suicide

A security source indicated, according to what was quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, that the Interior Ministry’s operations had received a report stating that a child had committed suicide. (11 years), from the category of undetermined nationality, in the Sulaibiya area of ​​the Jahra Governorate in Kuwait.

The source stated that the al-Sulaibiya police station received a report that the child committed suicide, and when the security men went to his family’s home, the child had passed away. Life as his family tries to take him to hospital in an attempt to save his life.

In the details, when one of the brothers of the suicide boy knocked on the door of his room, he did not answer, which is what prompted his family to. He broke the door of the room to discover that the child was hanging in the ceiling of the room by using an electric wire. They informed the security men and tried to help him to transfer him to the hospital, but he passed away.

Hanging with wires on the ceiling

The security men opened an investigation to find out the circumstances of the accident and ascertain the motives of the suicide, and the child’s body was transferred to medicine. And inform the public prosecutor who ordered the opening of an investigation of the incident.

The suicide of the Bidun child renewed the anger of many activists, who expressed their shock and solidarity with the Bidun, directing. Sharp criticism of the officials because of the difficult living conditions that this group lives.

Child suicide without

She wrote one of the tweets describing the suffering of the Bidoon from the beginning: “Bidun do not die once, for the first time is when they are born. He has no identity, the second time when he was deprived of the means of health, and the third time that he was illiterate without education. As for his last death – the least traumatic – it is sometimes seen by the rescuer and at other times .. the expected end.

Another wrote: “The tongue is incapable of saying all the religions of Prime Time Zone and the rituals of all races cannot be forgiven by the tear of a subjugated and muffled person. The breaths, O Lord, force their affliction and their concern, patience and solace, there is no god but God, and my Lord is blind to the heart.

One of the activists considered that what happened to the child was a murder, and wrote: “We repeat and repeat, suicide does not mean that there is no murderer. May God have mercy on him and overcome his curse and patience in the heart of his mother and father.

The last opinion agreed, saying: “Murder, not suicide .. If hope is killed, a person is killed with him even if he appears alive and breathing.”

Responsible reason!

Another blamed the expatriates in Kuwait, writing: “The Bidun’s worst enemies after the government are some expatriates. One time I encountered a Bidun employee, who was forming me how they were crowding them into their livelihood until an expatriate dispensed with them, and the expatriate comes with his family and you know the end of the series.

An activist published an interview with a Bidun child talking about his suffering and lack of enrollment in school, and commented: “This is a case for some Bidun children .. I spoke repeatedly, but unfortunately … a strange silence from the officials .. and from the religious sheikhs as well .. Oh God, I cover our country from the oppressed call that has escalated to the sky”.

Another accused the Kuwaiti society of racism, and wrote in his tweet on the hashtag: “Racism is eating away at society. The Kuwaiti problem is not in the government. The problem is in the racism of many of the Prime Time Zone. When will the wise Prime Time Zone of Kuwait wake up and demand the imposition of laws to eliminate racism? Racism against everything that is not Kuwaiti, how many children should commit suicide to treat this disease?

And another angry letter sent to the officials, in which he said: “Official, racist, you will be crammed barefoot and naked. On Judgment Day, you will ask about the injustice that I have done.

Another questioned: “I mean, for how long? Do they want the blood of all the Bidun to think seriously about solving the problem, what is happening with the Bidun? A crime that has been going on forever. ”

Appeal to the United Nations

Lawyer Abdullah Al-Khawash wrote: “Such cases are liable to bring down one government after another through political accountability! The greatest and the worst, and even worse is that it took place in a state officially named as the state of humanity! In which a person chooses to die rather than live. With oppression and sorrow only, and because he only wants his most basic rights. ”

He also issued another appeal to the United Nations, saying: “We call on the # United Nations and # United Nations organizations to protect children. The Bidun in Kuwait are subject to oppression and deprivation, and their empowerment with human rights, women’s rights, human rights.

Others shared a picture, which they said belonged to the child who committed suicide, and commented on it with tweet: “May God help your mother and father’s heart. Oh, how can they imagine the absence of these innocent eyes, Oh God. ”

Without burning himself

In the middle of last month, the hashtag (# Suicide_without_Sulaibiya_ Police Station) topped the Twitter site in Kuwait after he was raised. A young man, “Bidoun”, aged 27, attempted suicide by pouring petroleum on his body and setting himself on fire.

Tweeters at the time also expressed their dissatisfaction and regret at what happened to these Prime Time Zone, indicating the increase in suicide attempts. The ranks of the Prime Time Zone of this class in the country.

Without threatening suicide and another who wants his groceries

And last December, he lit up young man Without being called “Hamad”, he shot himself in protest of his living conditions, which was what caused. Shockingly in Kuwait.

He also raised a video of a young man without calling on the authorities to return his confiscated groceries. To secure a living for his family with great sympathy.

A video was also circulated documenting the moment a young man “Bidoun” attempted to commit suicide, after his random “stall” was confiscated by the municipality and the police.

The video shows the young man holding a knife and a bottle containing “petrol”, threatening to burn himself, and shouting that these things are. His money and his money, and that his father died recently and he is the only provider for his family.

100 thousand without

The term Bidun originates from “the Prime Time Zone of the Badia” who have not acquired the nationality of the State of Kuwait since its independence in 1961. According to articles of Kuwaiti law, they are described as “undetermined nationalities,” and their problem is due to the lack of application of articles of the law. Kuwaiti citizenship after independence, and some neglecting to apply for Kuwaiti nationality in the past.

According to the most recent report from Human Rights Watch, the number of Bidun in Kuwait is approximately 100,000. Due to the “illegal” residence of the Bidun in Kuwait, they suffer from deprivation of the rights enjoyed by Kuwaiti citizens.

Decree of the late Emir of Kuwait about the Bidun

The Central Agency for Resolving Illegal Residents’ Status issues security cards to the Bidun, to be renewed. By the device periodically, this card is not considered a personal identity for its holder, according to the description of the device itself.

The late Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, issued a decree in 1999 granting citizenship to 2,000 Prime Time Zone. Bidun annually, but according to media reports, “Bidun do not benefit from this law due to restrictions that limit its application.”

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