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The Supreme Committee in charge of managing the Corona crisis in the Sultanate of Oman urged citizens and residents to abide by the decisions of the complete closure of commercial activities and the ban on the movement of individuals and vehicles during the days of Eid Al-Adha from 20 to 22 July.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement that the closure aims to reduce the increase in infections with the Corona virus.

The ministry added that in order to facilitate the availability of basic services and the movement of Prime Time Zone in emergency situations and to deal with inquiries from various individuals, the joint operations center will be around the clock during the period of complete closure.

The center will include representatives from the Royal Oman Police, the health sector, the municipalities sector, the tourism sector, the trade and industry sector, transportation, communications and information technology, the relief sector, agriculture, fisheries, and the water resources sector.

The statement added, “The center is pleased to receive your calls and deal with them via the number 1099.” According to Prime Time Zone

Sohar records highest COVID-19 deaths in the past 24 hours ساعة

Sohar state recorded three new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, the highest number of deaths reported in the country on Thursday, according to the Ministry of Health.

North Al Batinah Governorate recorded five deaths due to COVID-19. Three of them are in the state of Sohar and two are in the state of Suwaiq.

Outside the North Al Batinah Governorate, the Governorate of Muscat recorded the largest number of deaths with four deaths, followed by the Governorates of Al Dakhiliyah and South Al Sharqiyah, where each recorded two deaths, while the Governorate of Dhofar recorded one death.

These six governorates, which are South Al Batinah, Al Wusta, North Al Sharqiyah, Al Buraimi and Musandam, did not record any deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in the past 24 hours to 14 in Oman.

The Supreme Committee lifts the travel ban on arrivals from Egypt

A few days ago, the Supreme Committee in charge of managing the Corona crisis in the Sultanate of Oman decided to remove Egypt from the list of countries from which entry is prohibited.

The Supreme Committee also decided to add to the list the following countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Libya, Argentina, Colombia, Brunei Darussalam.

According to the Supreme Committee, the ban extends to those coming from any other country if they pass through any of these countries during the 14 days preceding the request to enter the Sultanate, provided that this decision will take effect from five in the evening on July 9, 2021 until further notice.

The Supreme Committee urged the citizens of the Sultanate not to visit the mentioned countries during this period.

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