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The pioneers of social networking sites launched a campaign to support the Syrian city of Idlib against what they called (Russian terrorism), following the perpetration of a number of massacres against Syrians with the participation of the Syrian regime forces.

Activists participated on social networking sites with the hashtag “# Idlib_confronts_Russian_terrorism”, calling for support for the displaced in Idlib and stressing the need to intervene to stop Russian terrorism in the city.

Idlib is subjected to Syrian-Russian bombardment

Muhammad al-Walidy said: “How long will the Arabs continue to watch this Russian and Nusayri crime against the Syrian Prime Time Zone. Don’t you know that the turn is coming to all of you..your silence is a crime..your silence is blasphemy.”

Musleh Al-Olayani said: “Our Prime Time Zone in northern Syria are facing the danger of the enemy and the betrayal of the friend. We must be of help and support for them.”

He added: “A lie is the one who sings about Muslims’ issues in times of prosperity, then abandons them in times of distress.”

Doaa Al-Adwan commented: “Syria has become a burning ruin, with Assad sitting on top of it, a human catastrophe that transcended the limits of reason, until it became impossible to count its victims amid shameful global silence and a perverted Arab compass, and there is no glimmer of light for its end at the end of this path of injustice.”

Sarah said: “The sectarian war in Idlib is to exterminate its Sunnis, oh God. You have Iran, Russia, Bashar, and all of the most important ones.”

Abu Muhannad Al-Fares said: “Our children are under the fire of Bashar al-Assad, Putin and Iran, God be upon you, O Lord.”

Abdullah Muhammad commented by saying: “Injustice, oppression and tragedies experienced by the nation while its mean enemy is enjoying its bloodshed.”

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He added: “If it weren’t for the Arab Zionists, neither a Russian nor anyone else would have dared. O God, we complain to You of our weakness, our lack of resourcefulness, and our humiliation over Prime Time Zone.”

Idlib bombing

And yesterday, Sunday, the Syrian regime forces launched a new round of ground bombardment, targeting the countryside of Idlib and Hama, northwest Syria.

This came the day after a horrific massacre that killed 9 civilians, 5 of them from one family, including children, by artillery and missile shelling targeting residential neighborhoods.

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The Syrian Civil Defense said that artillery shelling by the Syrian-Russian alliance targeted residential neighborhoods in the village of Kfarhaya in the southern countryside of Idlib.

The outskirts of the town of Al-Bara were also subjected to double targeting, and in a race against time, the team evacuated the site without casualties.


Local sources said that the regime forces carried out artillery and missile shelling on Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, and the villages west of Ariha.

Civil Defense members and centers in Idlib and the Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama, were also targeted with double shells in the town of Kafr Haya, south of Idlib, while they were providing aid to civilians, but no injuries were reported.

Heavy artillery shells also targeted towns and villages in the Jabal al-Zawiya area in the southern countryside of Idlib, coinciding with the intense flight of Russian and Iranian militia reconnaissance planes over the Jabal al-Zawiya and al-Arbaeen area south of Idlib and Sahel al-Ghab in Hama countryside.

Civil defense targeting

The violent bombardment came the day after a horrific massacre that left dead, wounded and trapped under the rubble as a result of intense bombing by the forces of the Syrian and Russian regimes, which killed 5 civilians from one family (a man, his wife and three of their children) and wounded a woman and two children, all of them from the same family, with artillery shelling that targeted residential neighborhoods In Ibilin in the Idlib countryside.

According to local sources, the regime forces targeted the villages of Mashoun, Balion and Iblin in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib governorate, killing 9 civilians, including women and children, and wounding 9 others.

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Russian warplanes also targeted the centers of the White Helmets organization, in the town of Sheikh Yusef, belonging to the Roj Plain, west of Idlib. Double bombing, during rescue and ambulance operations.

The Civil Defense team issued a statement on social media, saying that five of its volunteers at the Sheikh Yusuf Center were injured as a result of Russian warplanes bombing the center directly with missiles, which led to it being out of service and almost complete destruction of the building and the mechanisms of rescue and firefighting vehicles and their equipment.

He pointed out that the bombing was carried out by laser-guided artillery shells, while reconnaissance planes were flying over the targeted areas.

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