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The elements of the Afghan Taliban movement destroyed the mausoleum of the famous leader Ahmad Shah Masoud, which is located in Panjshir, the area that the movement controlled and which was considered the stronghold of the Afghan opposition.

The Taliban had announced that it had taken control of the mausoleum of the “Lion of Panjshir” Ahmed Shah Massoud, the father of the current resistance leader. Near the capital of the state of Panjshir, north of Kabul, the city of Bazark.

Video of the mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Massoud

Taliban militants have posted videos on social media, allegedly from inside the mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Massoud.

This mausoleum is considered a sacred place for supporters of Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was buried there.

In 1996 the late Ahmad Shah Massoud (aka the Lion of Panjshir) led the Northern Alliance – an alliance of warlords in northern Afghanistan against the Taliban. In 2001, he was assassinated by suicide bombers posing as journalists.

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Activists circulated a picture of the destruction of the shrine of Ahmed Shah Massoud after the Taliban took control of it.

On Monday, the Taliban announced the seizure of the province of Panjshir, and there were reports of the escape of the leaders of the resistance, Amrullah Saleh and Ahmed Masoud (son of Ahmed Shah Massoud). But later, the resistance movement confirmed that Ahmed Masoud the son is fine and is in the state, and that the resistance continues to fight against the Taliban militants.

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