Sunday, April 18, 2021

The thefts of Zayed’s children were not limited to Oman’s heritage … a new scandal for the UAE and the robbery of military technologies | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a new international and military scandal, media outlets revealed that the UAE is stealing military industry secrets from Asian countries.

According to South Korean media, it said that the authorities are investigating the extradition of a retired researcher at the Defense Science Research Institute (ADD). He was accused of leaking precision-guided weapons technology, which is being developed in Korea, to the UAE.

And Korean media reported that the technology that was leaked to the UAE is recognized by a Korean industry, but the UAE has. By exploiting it during its military industries.

She indicated that the Korean government is not going to raise the issue now due to fears of friction and diplomatic confrontation with the UAE.

According to the leaks reported by news outlets, a Korean researcher obtained a job at a research institute affiliated to Khalifa University in the Emirates.

The institute itself is known to be a place for me UAE government Intent to develop it in the form of a Korean addition in the field of military industry.

The Korean researcher worked for 30 years at the Defense Science Research Institute (ADD) in Korea, before moving to the UAE.

It has leaked a technical weapon capable of firing nine missiles simultaneously, and hitting multiple targets.

And Korean news media reported that the weapon is recognized by the international community and the advantage of being cheaper than regular missiles.

A technology that the United States cannot do

“It’s a technology that the United States cannot do,” a Korean official said. They were exported to Saudi Arabia for large sums of money. ”

It reported that the investigation into the recruitment of the Korean researcher in the UAE and the leakage of confidential information was investigated by the Korean police. Almost a year ago.

But it was confirmed that he did not reach any conclusion on the completion of the manufacture of weapons.

According to Korean defense industry officials, “this kind of high-quality talent flow or exploration is forbidden under the current law.”

The Defense Science Research Institute law states that if any employee or person divulges a secret that he knows during his job. It carries a prison term of up to 5 years, or a hefty fine.

The UAE does not stop stealing the efforts of others, using malicious methods and plans, in order to make its history by force, which is the emerging modern state soon.

The UAE had previously influenced the history and civilization of the Sultanate of Oman, and attributed an original Omani heritage to it.

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