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The Times reveals a new scandal for the ruler of Dubai .. What is the relationship of Princess Haya and Queen Elizabeth | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Newspaper blew up “The Times“The British scandal against the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, revealing bribes given by senior British officials. For his support in his cases against Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, sister of the King of Jordan, and to cover up his scandals with his daughters.

In this context, a report by the British newspaper revealed that “Ibn Rashid” tried to win over senior British officials through bribes to support him in the face of the escalating scandals.

These scandals relate to the two cases of the attempt and forcible return of two daughters Latifa and Shamsa.

This is in addition to the case of the escape of his wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, sister of King Abdullah bin Al Hussein of Jordan, accompanied by her two sons.

Horses and gifts bestowed on Britain

According to the “Times”, even Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, she continued to receive “gifts” from Bin Rashid, even after the escape of his wife Princess Haya. Noting that the horses donated by the ruler of Dubai to the Queen, constituted one-sixth of the horses that wore the royal uniform last year.

The Queen accepted some gifts after Princess Haya fled to London with her two young sons in March of 2019.

Two months later, the princess, a former Olympic knight, was invited to sit down with the queen and take tea with her. In Windsor Palace.

Queen Elizabeth continued – according to the report – to accept the gifts of Mohammed bin Rashid, at a time when she was exposed to invitations to use her relationship. And its influence in order to secure the release of his two daughters, who were kidnapped and forcibly returned to Dubai.

It is known that the relationship between the Queen of Britain and Bin Rashid developed through the common love of horses, which was subject to widespread criticism.

And a British queen was constantly inviting Ibn Rashid to attend the royal horse race in Ascot.

The ruler of Dubai invested huge sums in the “Godolphin” stables Newmarket in the Savock District, which is considered one of the most important excellent racing stables.

John Warren, the Queen’s racing director, declined to comment about the gifts she received from the Godolphin stable in 2019 or about the other horses she had accepted as gifts.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said she would “not comment on private matters.”

The queen does not buy the horses, and all the 55 horses that wore the royal attire came from the private royal stud where the Queen takes great care of her horses. And raise them on their own farm.

She provided the Queen with nine horses from the Godolphin stable. The age of the horses indicates that they were presented to the Queen after Princess Haya fled to London.

It is said that bin Rashid has provided the Queen with four young horses, no more than a year old, every year since 2009.

It is believed that the Queen’s relationship with bin Rashid will be under scrutiny after the BBC publishes video footage. Sheikha Latifa registered her from her residence, which she described as a prison.

A European official regrets that she did not believe what Sheikha Latifa said

A few days ago she said Former President of IrelandMary Robinson, after a meeting in 2018 with Princess Latifa, she regrets her behavior. The daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who said her father was holding her hostage.

Big mistake and insufficient knowledge

Robinson told Irish National Broadcasting Corporation (RTA) Friday evening that she had made a “big mistake.” Because she did not have enough knowledge of Princess Latifa’s status.

Robinson had met the princess in Dubai, while she was serving as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The princess was described at the time as a “troubled young woman”.

Latifa’s family cited this interview to prove that the princess was not being detained against her will. “I was naive,” Robinson said.

The senior official now believes everything Sheikha Latifa said

The former president said she believed “one hundred percent” Latifa now, and that she had reached out to Irish Foreign Minister Simon Covney. On the issue.

In the middle of this month, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) broadcast a secretly filmed clip of Princess Latifa. She said that her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has been holding her since 2018 when she tried to flee Dubai.

The princess said in the video that she is being held, like a captive, in a villa guarded by the police.

Latifa also asked the British police to re-investigate a case involving the loss of her sister Princess Shamsa twenty years ago.

Robinson told Irish Radio and Television that she wanted answers about Shamsa’s whereabouts.

The kidnapping of Sheikha Latifa and British arms dealer

Earlier, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed what it said were horrific details about the trade-off held by the ruler of Dubai. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to get his daughter Sheikha Latifa during her escape to India several years ago.

The newspaper said, British arms dealer involved in a bribery scandal, Used as part of an exchange that saw Sheikha Latifa’s detention. At the hands of Indian forces, her return to Dubai, where she remained a “hostage” of her billionaire father.

Sheikha Latifa, 35, announced her intention to flee her country, in a video clip posted on YouTube in March 2018. This is due to what she said was ill-treatment of her father.

Sheikha Latifa was later found on a boat off the Indian coast, and she was returned to Dubai in April.

A swap deal between Sheikha Latifa and the arms dealer

The British newspaper said that Dubai handed over British arms dealer Christian Michel to India after only weeks. From the arrest of Latifa by Indian Special Forces off the coast of Goa in March 2018.

Latifa had a bad relationship with her father for years, which led to her trying to flee his kingdom twice.

A failed escape attempt from Sheikha Latifa

According to the newspaper, Sheikha Latifa tried to flee Dubai once in 2002 and the second in 2018, and she says she is detained. Now with her father, she was threatened with bullets if she did not cooperate.

She added, “Her sister Shamsa also tried to escape from Dubai when she was 19 years old in the year 2000, because she was. Furious that her father prevented her from going to university. And because she is disgusted with the human rights record of Dubai.

The newspaper added, “But Sheikha Latifa was also arrested by men working for her father in England. And it was returned to Dubai.

The sheikh denied all allegations of abuse made by his daughter, who is one of 30 sons and daughters of six wives.

The United Nations accuses Indian special forces

The United Nations is now formally linking the arrest of Princess Latifa to the extradition of Michel, who is accused of accepting a $ 40 million bribe. GBP ($ 55.8 million), to sell British-made helicopters to India, and has called for his release.

A report issued by the United Nations Group on Arbitrary Detention said that the charges against Michel were politically motivated. Latifa was not mentioned by name.

However, as part of her investigation into Michel’s arrest, she said: “Mr. Michel was told that his extradition was in exchange for a previous arrest of a detainee. Barz and his return to Dubai despite the detainee’s request for asylum to the Indian forces who intercepted his yacht in international waters off the coast of Goa in March 2018. ”

Details of the detention of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai

Sheikha Latifa spoke about her terrifying family in 2018, in a series Secret recorded clips I got it. The British newspapers MailOnline and BBC Panorama.

The girl narrated how she was fixed on the ground and taken off the yacht, which was trying to transport her to a new life away from Dubai. Latifa was later drugged and sent back to Dubai on the orders of her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Sheikha Latifa was detained in a villa that turned into a prison nearly three years ago, and he remained campaigners in the Kingdom. The United States during which they demand her release.

In one haunting video, she described herself as a “hostage” with little hope of her release.

Publication of the UN report will increase pressure on Dubai authorities to take action on Latifa.

Despite its demands to provide “evidence of her life,” Dubai refused to disclose what happened to the escaped princess, and she only said. She is being cared for by her family.

India has never commented on its role in holding Sheikha Latifa and Tina Jauianen, her best friend, from the yacht. Nostromo, after eight days of trying to escape.

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