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I did not like to write about dr. Majed Atta Abu Al-Helou, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Retirement Authority, and Chairman of the Palestinian Retirement Authority .. But since the man continued to ignore the grave violations he committed during his continuing presidency, “thank God and we congratulate him”, and even passed, agreed and contributed by allowing the referral of “17,700” employees. A military man who has not reached the legal retirement age and there is no possibility in the retirement fund to cover them in the first place because it is simply empty (empty) of all the salary deductions that were supposed to be placed in it, and this is also a matter that requires a detailed understanding and explanation.

Rather, it increased and played the role of public relations and propaganda for the government and the decision. This is of course a strange thing and constitutes dangerous duplication. By God, Mr. Majid, how do you agree to refer such a large number to those who have not reached the retirement age?!!

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Chairman of the Palestinian Retirement Authority

With such massive financial and administrative excesses!! Sir, you participated in the biggest deception of the employees who entrusted you with the remaining years of life, then is it your job to explain the laws, adopt them and give them legitimacy?!!! We did not know that you have become an alternative to the Prime Time Zone and their legislative council. You are a trusted employee of the retired category and your relationship with the government is not based on mutual benefit because you are supposed to have your resources, which unfortunately we know are “benevolent” for the military, as for civilians, God loves them and you cannot manipulate them. Sir, you have changed the equation, because your job and your presence is linked to the retirees and the defense of their rights. How do you accept this dangerous defect in manipulating the pensions’ paycheck? There are algorithms that need a mathematician to understand what is in the salary chip, and when you ask the employee to answer you immediately, we have nothing to do with it. Finance, and you, what is the necessity of your presence, Chief of Insurance and Pensions? It has become clear to us beyond any doubt that you are one of the participants in detailing this unjust decision, but rather one of the strongest supporters of it. His salary and this is proven for information, and we do not want to go beyond the limits of decency that in one of the meetings you mentioned that no one complained..!!

We will hold you accountable

Conclusion and message We will hold you accountable by law and we have many serious violations in violation of our human and professional rights, and my advice to you personally is to stop patching and justifying and passing immediately, you do not represent us and it will be among our future goals to make you leave the Insurance and Pensions Authority, because you (sir) accepted a flagrant violation of the law In the massacre of forced retirement and for all.

Do not think that the future of our children, which has been lost and we are unable to teach them, is going to be wasted. Oppression, humiliation, insulting dignity and denial of those who built them for you will not matter. We want to take away the remaining years of our lives.

Farid El Sebakhi

Security writer and researcher

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