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The UAE ambassador informed Netanyahu that Abu Dhabi stood by his side in the face of terrorists! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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An Emirati account specialized in its media leaks said that the Emirati ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khajah, informed the occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Abu Dhabi’s support for Tel Aviv.

“We will act together against the Palestinians.”

The “Emirati Secrets” account added, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Muhammad Al Khajah, the UAE ambassador to Israel, was informed. Benjamin Netanyahu, his country’s readiness to stand by the Israelis against terrorism and terrorists.

The Emirati account asked, saying ..: “Did he mean Palestine, its Prime Time Zone, and its resistance with these words?”

A busy reception of an Emirati request

Earlier, the same account statement, a secret The warm reception of the Emirati ambassador In Israel, Muhammad Al Khajah, in which the UAE celebrated as a historic achievement.

The Emirati Secrets account confirmed that the Emirati authorities had asked Israel for its ambassador in Tel Aviv to receive this full and special reception.

The Emirati account also said: “The Emirati authorities are asking Israel for their ambassador in Tel Aviv, Muhammad Al Khajah, to receive a reception. It is full and special, as well as that which the Zionist entity officials have recently enjoyed in the Emirates.

The ambassador arrives in occupied Jerusalem

Earlier, the first UAE ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, presented his credentials to its president, Reuven Rivlin, in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli president officially received the first Emirati ambassador to the Jewish state, after the historic normalization agreement. Signed by the two countries last year.

Rivlin addressed the Emirati ambassador in Arabic and welcomed him, saying, “Welcome, Mr. Ambassador, welcome to Jerusalem, in Jerusalem.”

He added, “The Israeli Prime Time Zone are happy and welcome you.”

“Your mission will be the most important one,” the Israeli president said. “The leaders sign treaties, but real and lasting peace is made by the Prime Time Zone.”

‘Historic agreement’

For his part, Mohammed Al Khaja affirmed that “the historic peace agreement works for concerted efforts to enhance stability and security in our region and will create a better path.”

“The two countries have begun to face challenges to regional and international security as a common goal,” he added.

“I will work diligently to strengthen political ties between the two countries in the service of our peoples and regional stability,” he said.

“History day”

Earlier, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Gabi Ashkenazi, considered the arrival of the UAE ambassador to Israel to hand over his credentials “an additional historic day in the Middle East.” And a great step to strengthen peace between nations and peoples. ”

Ashkenazi’s statements came during his meeting with the Khaja family in his office in occupied Jerusalem.

Ashkenazi congratulated the UAE ambassador and “praised its role in leading the change that resulted from normalization throughout the Middle East.”

“We have a historic opportunity to present an example of a warm and comprehensive peace between countries and between peoples,” Ashkenazi said. The opening of an embassy by Israel in Abu Dhabi and a consulate in Dubai and the inauguration of the UAE embassy in Israel is extremely vital to strengthening bilateral relations and advancing the peace process.

Ashkenazi also said that he is happy with the rapid development of relations between Israel and the UAE and the realization of the dream of peace between cultures and Prime Time Zone.

At the conclusion of the official meeting, two diplomatic teams from Israel and the UAE held a working meeting. Before that, Ambassador Al Khaja and his entourage had arrived at Lod International Airport, east of Tel Aviv. He was received by Director of the Protocol Department of the Occupation Foreign Affairs, Gil Heskill.

Quick visit

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced, through its account on the social networking network Twitter, that the Emirati ambassador who was appointed to be accredited to Israel is Muhammad Mahmoud Al Khajah.

The UAE ambassador was scheduled to stay in Israel for three days and then return to his country until arrangements are finalized in preparing the embassy’s headquarters and the residence in which the ambassador will reside.

According to the Israeli channel “E24”, Al Khaja, a member of the Council of Political Affairs, the Diplomatic Committee and the head of the Budget Committee, assumed the position of Director of the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of all the Emirati diplomatic files.

The ambassador was present at the foreign policy-makers’ meetings with foreign officials who enjoyed relations. Wide with a large number of them.

The UAE Foreign Ministry had announced earlier that the opening of the embassy in Tel Aviv had been affected by the restrictions imposed. On the movement due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and that it is coordinating with its Israeli counterpart in this regard.

For its part, Israel announced the opening of its consulate in Abu Dhabi. It is noteworthy that in August the UAE reached. And the occupying power has reached an agreement, under the auspices of the United States of America, that paves the way for the establishment of official relations between them.

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