The UAE “Global Medical” manages Al-Azhar University Specialized Hospital


A strategic partnership between Yas Holding and Al-Azhar University

The UAE Investment Holding Group, Yas Holding, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Al-Azhar University, which includes the management and operation of Al-Azhar University Specialized Hospital by Global Medical Solutions International, a subsidiary of the group.

Yas Holding Group said in a statement that the partnership with Al-Azhar University aims to implement international best practices, achieve a qualitative leap in the quality of services provided and data management systems, and prepare qualified professional cadres to achieve excellence in the health care sector in Egypt.

“In light of the Egyptian government’s directions to achieve sustainable development and boost the economy, which is witnessing a quantum leap at the moment, we are proud to conclude a partnership that combines the public and private sectors for the first time in the field of health care,” said Morshed Al-Rudaini, CEO of the Yas Holding Group.

El-Rudaini added: “Global Medical Solutions International will provide an integrated operating model to meet the growing needs of individuals and society and provide the latest technology-based solutions to develop the quality of health services in Egypt and the region.”

Dr. Mahmoud Seddik, General Supervisor of Hospitals at Al-Azhar University, said that the partnership with Yas Holding will provide specialized services of international standards in various fields related to the health care sector, which are in line with the Egyptian government’s directions to develop the sector’s infrastructure and improve the quality of services provided to patients.

Global Medical Solutions International seeks to expand its activity in Egypt by developing the healthcare sector, which is one of its long and medium-term plans.

The article, “Global Medical” of the UAE runs Al-Azhar University Specialized Hospital, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.