The UAE is determined to “deepen” its relations with Israel and sends “4000” tons of iron to Tel Aviv | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Hebrew media revealed the details of the arrival of the first huge Emirati cargo ship to Israel, next Sunday, as part of the Israeli-Emirati cooperation.

The first Emirati cargo ship to reach Eilat

The Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” said that a huge Emirati cargo ship would arrive on Sunday, unusually, at the southern Israeli port of Eilat.

The newspaper stated that the arrival of the ship to the port of Eilat comes in light of severe congestion in the ports of Ashdod and Haifa in the center and north of the country.

“The ship PS VALETTA will be the first ship to arrive from Abu Dhabi to the port of Eilat. For the first time since 2005, a general cargo ship is expected to arrive at the port of Eilat on Sunday, and an iron cargo will be unloaded there.”

The largest shipment of iron arrives in Israel

She pointed out that the activities of the southern port, for years, have focused on unloading new cars from Japan, South Korea and China.

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She added, “Now, to avoid a long wait at the ports of Ashdod and Haifa, the ship (to Eilat) will unload about 4000 tons of iron.”

The Hebrew newspaper pointed out that there is great congestion in Ashdod and Haifa, and an “unbearable wait” and a shortage of manpower.

In 2020, the UAE and Israel signed an agreement to normalize relations between them.

Since then, dozens of agreements have been signed between Israeli and Emirati governmental and private companies and institutions. In the past months, many Emirati cargo ships have arrived at the ports of Ashdod and Haifa.

The Emirati-Israeli normalization sparked widespread Arab popular anger, in light of the continued Israeli occupation of Arab lands and its rejection of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, in addition to its continuous attacks against the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

Emirati role in building settlements

The prominent Egyptian dissident, Gamal Sultan, commented on the news reported by the Hebrew newspaper, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, in which he referred to the acceleration of settlement construction, hinting at an Emirati role in that, especially as it carries a large shipment of iron used in construction work.

Emirati conditions for reconstruction

In a related context, the official Israeli broadcaster Kan said that in order to participate in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, which was destroyed by the Israeli occupation, the UAE stipulates that Hamas should not be involved.

The Hebrew Commission stated that US officials have traveled in recent days to the UAE, to join the efforts to rebuild Gaza.

She added, “But the UAE conveyed a clear message to America, that Abu Dhabi is ready to provide direct humanitarian support to Gaza, but it will not finance any such mechanism in which Hamas has a role.”

And the channel noted, “The UAE has made it clear that for them, Egypt will focus efforts.”

There was no official Emirati comment on this news.

According to the Hebrew site i24, Washington is making efforts to establish the mechanism in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, and as part of these efforts, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Egypt and Jordan yesterday to discuss the issue.

The Hebrew website stated, “The United States has already made clear to Hamas that it will not participate in this mechanism.”

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation stated, “Egypt has invited Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Israel to talks in Cairo to continue the ceasefire between the two parties.”

It claimed that “the aim of the talks is to discuss the possibility of a long-term calm and the issue of the Israeli soldiers captured by Hamas.”

A round of escalation and ceasefire

It is worth noting that the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, confirmed in an interview with journalists the day before yesterday, that his movement welcomes any efforts to rebuild what the occupation has destroyed.

The 2021 Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip continued for 11 days, which ended at dawn last Friday at 2 am, with the announcement of the conditional truce by the resistance.

The violent Israeli bombardment of the Strip destroyed hundreds of homes, towers, apartments, main roads, public places, water networks, communications and the Internet, in addition to the destruction of many different government institutions, and the displacement of thousands of their homes.

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