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The UAE is preparing to announce the opening of the license for brothels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The UAE authorities intend to officially open the door to licensing brothels in the country, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Within the plan to open up to the world.

Democracy and Modernity Plan for Prostitution in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Account “UAE secretsThe famous, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, details the Emirati decision to be implemented in the near future. Amid the silence of the UAE authorities on what is being circulated.

The account said on Twitter: “The UAE authorities are preparing to announce the opening of the license for brothels in an official and open manner in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

The Emirati account indicated that this comes within the UAE’s plan to open up to the world in what is known as democracy and modernity, as he put it.

Warning from Abu Dhabi Police

Earlier, police fired The Emirate of Abu Dhabi In the United Arab Emirates, a warning to parents about the accounts they said were “secret” of their teenage children. Through social networking sites.

Police said the children were circumventing family control with secret accounts, for immoral purposes. Families are warned against neglecting to monitor their children when using the Internet.

The police indicated that many of the teenagers made accounts on social networking sites to close their families.

She cautioned that it is necessary for parents to remain in a state of constant monitoring and control of their children. This is to protect them from the electronic blackmail that many teenagers have fallen into.

Abu Dhabi Police continued by saying that “there are Prime Time Zone impersonating girls and luring their victims with certain pictures and phrases, with the aim of blackmailing them later.”

Abu Dhabi Police added that “extortion operations usually begin with emotional words, advising families not to be distracted by their children.” We call on families to ensure that they are protected from the dangers of bullying, threats, harassment and sharing photos.

The UAE police stressed the need to warn the girls against sharing and publishing their photos and videos on social media.

Brothel licensing

In a paradoxical way, these warnings from Abu Dhabi Police coincide with the Emirati authorities providing opportunities for the spread of vice in society. Licensed Brothels and Sex.

According to Israeli press reports, tens of thousands of young Israelis have gone to the UAE to engage in prostitution there.

A prominent Emirati academic recently launched a massive attack on the ruling regime in his country, describing it as “the government of bars and real estate as a result of corruption and prostitution.”

Academic Yousef Al-Youssef commented during a tweet on his Twitter account, in which he said that “the government of bars and real estate in the UAE continues to internationalize the country.”

Al-Youssef added in his tweet that the Emirati authorities “drowned citizens in an ocean of foreigners in the name of tourism.”

He continued: “It spread vice in all its forms in the name of development. It recognized the Zionist entity that occupies holy sites and kills women and children in the name of tolerance.

Al-Youssef asked, “Didn’t we tell you that the UAE is ruled by a corrupt and puppet gang?”

An incident of the death of a young man during the practice of vice in Dubai

Earlier, Emirati media reported details of the incident of an Emirati young man who died while practicing vice in a Dubai hotel.

According to the Emirati website 24, which listed the details of the incident, it said that the police had received a report about the death of an Emirati in a hotel and then went to the place and found a 30-year-old Gulf girl, accompanied by him.

It indicated that the prosecution’s investigations confirmed that the cause of his death was an overdose of narcotic substances.

While the prosecution indicated that it had examined a urine sample of the deceased, who was an Emirati, and it was found that it contained narcotics and psychotropic substances.

The prosecution pointed out that the examination result of the girl showed that her body also contained narcotic substances.

The indictment also contained the accusation against the girl of facilitating the abuse of two drugs for the victim, which led to his death.

The prosecution also decided to refer the girl after the death of an Emirati to the Dubai Criminal Court.

Emirati waiter secretly filming girls

In another context, Emirati media revealed that a 27-year-old Emirati waiter took advantage of his residence in a shared residence by filming girls by sneaking around them.

The local newspaper “Al-Bayan” said at the time that the waiter had put his cell phone after operating the camera in different places in the aforementioned apartment.

The newspaper also indicated that the investigations revealed that the person is an Emirati.

He used to place cameras under the roof of the bathroom and under the room doors.

According to the testimony of a victimized girl, she said that she saw a phone under the door of her room after leaving the bathroom in the morning.

She pointed out that when I checked it, I found it in the camera mode, and found videos of pictures of girls who were making the apartment, without their knowledge.

The girl explained that an Emirati person came and took his phone, and when she confronted him with the matter, he confessed and apologized to her.

She also indicated that this person was always withdrawn and did not talk to anyone about the apartment, stressing that she had notified the police to bring him to justice.

Al-Bayan newspaper said that the Public Prosecution referred him to the Criminal Court in the Emirate of Dubai, explaining that the indictment included the indecency of 3 girls, by photographing them on his phone without their knowledge and in a manner outside of public morals.

From drug prostitution

Earlier, the Bulgarian authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle large quantities of heroin, coming from the UAE.

The Attorney General’s office in Bulgaria announced that the authorities had seized 401 kilograms of heroin, which was coming from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. According to what was reported by “marinelink”.

The value of the shipment was estimated at 36 million Bulgarian levans (22 million US dollars). But the value of this quantity can double or triple it when sold.

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