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Social networking sites in Yemen and the Arab world witnessed a wave of anger after the details of the murder of the Yemeni youth, Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani, were circulated in a hideous way at the hands of the UAE militia in Yemen, after 10 years spent in exile, where he returned to visit his homeland and his family, but the killing was waiting for him.

Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani, the lively young Yemeni man, did not expect his long journey from the United States of America to Yemen to end in the mortuary.

More than seven years after leaving Yemen, Al-Sanabani decided to return to his country and meet his family, who live in the capital, Sana’a.

But the joy that overwhelmed her while she was waiting for her expatriate son did not last long, as he was killed by the forces of the Ninth Brigade “Thunderbolt” of the UAE-backed Transitional Council in the town of Tur Al Baha in the Lahj governorate in the south of the country.

The killing of Abdul-Malik was preceded by propaganda published by media outlets loyal to the Transitional Council, most notably “Al-Ayyam” and “Al-Amina” newspapers, according to which “Houthi” had been arrested in possession of a sum of money in US dollars.

The killing of Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani causes shock and anger

This caused shock and outrage on social media. The two newspapers reported on the Internet the account of leaders in the brigade, in which they talked about the arrest of the young man and his detention in the 9th Brigade prison for investigation, but two days later he was found dead after being tortured and shot.

Yemeni journalist Samir Al-Nimri published pictures of the young Abdul Malik before and after the crime on his Twitter account.

He commented on her by saying: “Yemen is shocked from one end to the other after the heinous crime that the UAE militias committed by kidnapping, torturing and killing the young Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani. Returning from abroad in America on charges of owning dollars, taking a selfie and renting his own car.”

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While the Yemeni writer, Anis Mansour, announced a wide media campaign in solidarity with the family of the late Abdul-Malik Al-Sanabani, through the hashtag #Transitional_Criminal_Treason_Basnabani.

Mansour appealed to his followers to circulate the hashtag, interaction and participation, “the issue is public opinion and war targeting an expatriate wayfarer,” as he described it.

The killing of Abdul-Malik provoked widespread anger and condemnation, and there were demands to arrest the killers and stop the suffering of travelers at checkpoints by the armed forces of the Transitional Council, as well as looting and practices of territorial restrictions against travelers, especially those who come from the northern regions of the country.

For his part, journalist Ahmed Jaafan Al-Subaihi wrote: “They have made the south an arena for plots, assassinations, and armed gangs that have run out of all laws, norms, and human morals.”

He added: “The accountability must be comprehensive for the killers and those who finance them and provide them with political and institutional cover, who killed the young man, Abdul Malik al-Sanabani, in one of the points of the 9th Brigade Saiqa on the road to Tor al-Baha.”

He continued: “It is clear that they do not care about the life of anyone who falls into their hands, and they have ready-made charges for those who are led by their destiny on their way, and they do not lack the audacity derived from their leaders in the Thunderbolt Brigade and the so-called Security and Transitional Belt to commit the most heinous crimes against any human being; They are motivated by a feeling that they are far from accountability, the law, and even human and tribal norms, and there is no power or strength except with God.”

Yemeni activists have widely published blogs calling for the arrest of the killers and bringing them to justice.

They also published video recordings from Abdul-Malik’s diary broadcast on his Facebook page about the journey back to Yemen.

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