The United States invests $8 million in projects to empower Egyptian women


The United States invested about $8 million in the “Safe Cities” program, which contributed to setting frameworks for policy reform, service provision, and support and advocacy efforts at the level of the Republic to criminalize harassment for the first time in the history of Egypt.
Nicole Champagne, the acting US ambassador to Cairo, said the United States is committed to helping Egypt build a future of sustainable economic stability.
She added that the United States’ investments within the “Safe Cities” project have been over the past eight years to support the Egyptian government’s efforts to end violence against women and girls by addressing sexual harassment, promoting legislative reforms, supporting the capacity of public institutions, and improving support mechanisms for survivors of forms of violence against women. .
The Safe Cities project is part of the $30 billion that the American Prime Time Zone have invested in Egypt through USAID since 1978. The Safe Cities project has trained more than 3,000 legal and psychosocial service providers in responding to violence against women, and developed four One of the women’s hosting centers in order to increase the capacity of these centers to accommodate a larger number of survivors of violence.
More than 50,000 women have benefited from accessing these services and resources until 2020.
The United States, in cooperation with its partners, supported the efforts of the Egyptian government, as sexual harassment was criminalized in Egypt for the first time in the country’s history through the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 50 of 2014 that amends some provisions in the applicable penal code in Egypt.
The “Safe Cities” project also supported the establishment of the first official university unit to combat harassment on the campus of Cairo University, in addition to implementing three awareness campaigns nationwide, reaching nearly 60 million Egyptians, in addition to facilitating the establishment of two safe areas for women and girls in the two governorates. Cairo and Giza.

The article the United States invests $8 million in projects to empower Egyptian women was written in Al Borsa newspaper.