The United States is considering using a national security law to monitor semiconductor data


The US Commerce Secretary said that the Joe Biden administration is considering resorting to a national security law; To force companies in the field of semiconductor supply to provide information on the inventory and sales of chips.

And Gina Raimondo said in an interview with Bloomberg that the goal of resorting to the law is to ease the disruptions that have disrupted car production in the United States and caused a shortage of consumer electronics.

The US Commerce Department currently requires companies to fill out surveys to provide information about the supply chain, but although the request is voluntary, Raimondo warned industry representatives that it could use the Defense Production Act to force it to respond.

She added: “What I said to them is I don’t want to do something mandatory, but if they don’t comply they won’t leave me any choice, I hope I don’t go in that direction but we need to see some compliance.”

Many industries around the world have been affected, from computers to automobiles; As a result of the semiconductor shortage crisis, which called on the Biden administration to pledge to find solutions to the crisis.

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