The vices of normalization… Watch what the Israeli ambassador is doing in Morocco while the blood of the Prime Time Zone of Gaza has not yet dried up! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


At a time when the blood of the children of Gaza has not yet dried up, Morocco was practicing one of the “vices” of normalization with Israel, ignoring the atrocities it committed days ago against the Palestinians.

The Israeli ambassador in Morocco plays football!

What happened, was represented by the participation of the Israeli ambassador to Morocco, David Govrin, on Thursday in a football match that brought him together with a number of ambassadors accredited to Rabat and some former football players.

The Israeli ambassador to Morocco published pictures of him, dressed in the Moroccan football team’s uniform, in a tweet on his Twitter account, and said: “I enjoyed the match that brought together yesterday between the ambassadors in Morocco and a group of retired Moroccan football players, at the Mohamed 6 stadium in Salé.”

He added: “Although my team lost against a strong opponent, it was one of the best times I lived in Morocco!”

According to Moroccan media sources, the match was marked by the participation of the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Association, Fawzi Lekjaa, and a number of foreign ambassadors in Morocco, including the ambassadors of Arab countries.

Guvrin attacks Saad Eddin Othmani

It is noteworthy that the Israeli ambassador to Morocco, a few days ago, attacked Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani, accusing him of supporting “terrorism and the allies of Iran,” after El Othmani congratulated the resistance on its victory in the face of the recent Israeli aggression.

Govrin said, in his tweet, which he had to delete after a wave of criticism on social media: “I was moved by the statement of the Moroccan Prime Minister, Mr. Othmani, who supported and congratulated the Iranian-backed terrorist organizations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

He added: “Who supports Iran’s allies strengthens its regional influence (…) Is not strengthening Iran, which sows destruction in Arab countries and supports the Polisario Front, contrary to the interest of Morocco and the moderate Arab countries?”

“My Sheikh” responds to the Israeli ambassador in Morocco

The head of the Justice and Development Party team in the House of Councilors, Nabil Sheikhi, had responded to the tweet of the Israeli ambassador to Morocco criticizing Othmani, describing it as “disgusting.”

In a post on his Facebook page, Sheikhi said: “In a disgusting departure, the “head of the Israeli Liaison Office” brazenly dared to think that he could tell us who the terrorist organizations are and who are not.”

He added: “By the way, we want to advise him and remind him that the Moroccans and all the free Prime Time Zone of the world know very well and rightly who are the real terrorists who are running after them a bloody and black history that will chase them until they leave the land of Palestine, which they illegally usurped, displaced its Prime Time Zone, and wreaked corruption and injustice in it. During the terrorism and racist massacres they committed.”

Sheikhi considered the tweet of the Israeli ambassador in Morocco an insult to the prime minister and the Moroccans, and said: “This reckless statement by the so-called “David Govrin” is nothing more than an expression of the roles he claims himself to play by insulting the right of the Prime Minister and the right of Moroccans in solidarity with their brothers Palestinians with conviction and how they appreciate and accept it, support their legendary resistance, condemn the Zionist aggression, its settlement occupation, its arrogance and its continuous racist crimes, which confirms once again that there is no place for this person and his ilk and his office of communication between us, ”as he put it.

And large sectors of the Moroccan Prime Time Zone expressed their support for the Palestinians and their rejection of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Last year, Morocco announced the resumption of its diplomatic relations with Israel, after it had suspended them in 2000. Israel and Morocco announced that they were seeking to establish full diplomatic relations.

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