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Fumio Iwai, the Japanese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, posted a video clip of him from Shaqra Governorate in the Riyadh region, in which he appeared trying to eat food with his hands in the traditional Saudi way.

The Japanese ambassador commented on the clip he posted on his official Twitter account and monitored by (Watan), saying: “I tried eating al-Mufattah with five for lunch, and I used advice from His Excellency Governor Adel Al-Bawardi (Governor of Shaqra region in Riyadh) so that I can eat five.”

Japanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Fumio Iwai said in another tweet to him: “Today I visited Shaqra Governorate in the Riyadh region and was honored to meet His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Adel Al-Bawardi.”

He added: “During the meeting, the characteristics of Shaqra Governorate were reviewed in the framework of sustainable development.”

The scene of the Japanese ambassador to the Kingdom eating food with his hand sparked a controversy among activists, between supporters and opponents of this ancient custom among the Arabs.

Ramzi Al-Zahrani wrote: “God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. This habit of eating with hands is not mastered by many of its Prime Time Zone, especially the younger generation, and it is fading quickly. Greetings and appreciation for the efforts.”

While an activist considered this method of eating a “disgusting habit,” as she described it. She said, “Not every one of our habits is necessarily good. This is a disgusting habit.”

Hassan Al-Ghamdi said that eating with hands was a common habit before alternatives were available, “but today it is an unacceptable and inappropriate habit.”

And the “Muftah” food mentioned by the Ambassador of Japan consists of meat, rice, and a lot of spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, saffron and a little garlic, and boiled noodles are added to it and decorated with boiled eggs.

A visit to the Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom at Shaqra University

The President of Shaqra University, Dr. Ali Al-Seif, received today the Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom, Fumio Iwai.

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He also watched a presentation that contained an introductory overview of the university, its establishment, the number of students, staff and faculties, and an explanation of new projects and facilities in the various governorates that fall within its geographical scope.

The ambassador praised the facilities and equipment he saw, and the ambitious plans of the university to improve the educational process through the projects that are being implemented.

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