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The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, published a report in which it talked about the attempts of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to get closer to Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman, noting that Sultan Haitham’s visit was an indication of the depth of the Saudi-Emirati differences.

In its report, the Lebanese newspaper said that Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed received another slap from his Saudi counterpart and former partner, Mohammed bin Salman.

The rapprochement of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman amid tension with the UAE

This time, in the form of a rapprochement with the Sultanate of Oman, between which great tension prevails with the Emirates, rooted in Emirati ambitions in the territory of the Sultanate. As reported by the news.

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She added that the pace of the Saudi move against the UAE indicates that the battle will be tough on bin Zayed, whose main bet remains the success in weakening bin Salman, as he contributed to his rise. Will he be able to do that?”

And the newspaper said: “When Muhammad bin Salman noticed that the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, did not put a mask on his face when he got off the plane at Neom Bay Airport, at the beginning of his visit to Saudi Arabia, in which he opened his foreign trips as a sultan, he removed his muzzle, out of respect. to the guest.”

She added, “This was only one sign of the exceptional hospitality with which Ibn Salman received his guest, along with his father, the King, in the first official reception in which the latter participated since the start of the Corona pandemic.”

The warm reception of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq was watched by Mohammed bin Zayed

And she continued, “Welcome, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, must have watched its details well, especially since it was barely two weeks after Ibn Salman himself took a decision to prevent Emiratis from visiting his country, on the pretext of the spread of the Corona virus in the Emirates.”

And he continued: “In what was the opening of a series of “punitive” measures against the latter. By all accounts, the Saudi-Omani rapprochement perpetuated by the sultan’s visit represents a strong blow to bin Zayed, who has become aware of a great danger from the actions of his former partner.”

And the report continued: “A slap gives it additional significance by its emergence in NEOM, which bin Salman wants to take the role of Dubai, which Sultan Haitham bin Tariq did not fail to mention, when he wrote in the guest book that this city will have an “economic standing in the world.”

Empty Quarter Road

He added, “In an additional symbolic dimension, this coincided with the completion of the 680-kilometre “Empty Quarter” road, thus bypassing the Emirates, through which the exchanged visits between the Saudis and Omanis used to pass.

And the report continued: “Bin Salman, by improving relations that have been marred by many ills in the past years, with the Sultanate, opens another path that constitutes an alternative to the newly closed roads with the Emiratis.”

Weakness of the Omani economy

In exchange for the Omanis’ need for Saudi money and investment, according to the newspaper, as a result of their weak economy, and their desire to take advantage of their country’s tourism attractiveness by marketing it to the neighboring Prime Time Zone, the Saudis will seek to benefit from the good direct relationship between the Sultanate of Oman and the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, in requesting mediation. Direct or in hosting international brokers.

He pointed out that the Omanis demonstrated, during the years of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, an ability to manage the relationship with the two sides of the conflict, and with Iran, in a way that does not affect their neighbors with the Yemenis, who undoubtedly benefited from their relationship with the Sultanate in alleviating some of the effects of the blockade.

And she continued, “On the other hand, Bin Zayed is playing the game of incitement against the two countries together, in the areas in which he has influence in Yemen.”

And the newspaper continued: “He did this first against the Sultanate by deploying Emirati forces in the Yemeni province of Al-Mahra, which Muscat considers its western gateway, and has extensive relations with its residents, seeking to sabotage that relationship.”

And she continued: “Then he launched the militias loyal to the Southern Transitional Council, to fight the already fragile forces of the outgoing president, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, with the aim of reducing Riyadh’s influence, knowing that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi contributed to the involvement of his Saudi counterpart in the war, then announced his withdrawal from it and left him alone. “.

As the fighting of the two former partners in the aggression will weaken them together, according to the newspaper, which may bring them closer to the date of their defeat, but it will deepen the seriousness of the perpetual crime that the two men continue to commit against the Yemeni Prime Time Zone.

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The newspaper added, “However, the main source of Bin Zayed’s concern is the feeling that Bin Salman has projects through which he wants to compete with the UAE, or replace it, from entertainment to media to establishing a global trade center.”

Especially since the Saudi Crown Prince has taken measures on this path, the most important of which is to stop dealing with any foreign company that does not establish its main center in Saudi Arabia, targeting one of Dubai’s main roles, according to the newspaper’s expression.

Will Mohammed bin Zayed back down?

The newspaper asked: “Will Bin Zayed recede? it does not seem so. He will seek to explain to his Saudi counterpart that the price of disagreement with him will be high, and that his dependence on the Emirates was so great that he risks his downfall if he abandons it.”

She pointed out that Mohammed bin Zayed and that Saudi Arabia is too weak to threaten the Emirates, even though it is a large country, and in his mind the example of Qatar, which Riyadh lost to it, even though it was supported by the Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain.

And she continued: “Bin Zayed can go further in his quest to return Ibn Salman to the fold. It will inevitably market itself to the Americans as a key player in reducing oil prices from the high levels they recently reached.”

She pointed out that this was a major point of contention that emerged with the outbreak of the crisis between the two countries, after the UAE tried to evade commitment to its production quota in OPEC.

And she continued, “He will also not forget to summon the friend Israel to help him in his mission, and perhaps it will lead him, according to what Saudi opponents expect, to establishing an Israeli military base in the UAE.”

Muscat and Abu Dhabi tension

She added, “As for the tension between Muscat and Abu Dhabi, it is old, and it is caused by the president’s ambitions in the territory of the Sultanate, especially in the governorates of Musandam and Al Buraimi, despite the signing of a border agreement in 1999 between Zayed bin Sultan and Qaboos bin Said, and although the UAE was not even The early seventies were nothing but a group of feuding Emirates, between which the fighting did not stop except during the pearling season, under British auspices.”

She continued: “Bin Zayed has always exercised his arrogance against the Omanis, strengthening his relationship with the foreigner, which sparked popular resentment in the Sultanate.”

And she continued, “His provocations varied between the presentation of the “UAE Louvre Museum” with a map showing the Musandam Governorate as a land belonging to the UAE, and the killing of an Omani citizen a year ago because he crossed the border fence with his country, knowing that the Emiratis constantly cross the border and are not shot at, and the recruitment of spy cells inside The Sultanate, the latest of which is a cell of 20 Prime Time Zone, who was arrested by the Omani authorities monitoring government websites.”

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